Factors to consider when choosing a stop-start battery

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Modern vehicles that are powered by stop-start technology come in different forms and are installed with different kinds of batteries. Each battery possesses advantages and differences that may benefit or affect the owner of the car. It is essential to know some factors before choosing a car since its battery should be compatible with the features it has. 

Battery malfunctions during replacement can be avoided if properly handled by a professional. Furthermore, if you choose to upgrade your battery for some reason, a certified personnel will also give you proper advice if this is applicable to your current car. Below are some factors to consider when choosing a stop-start batter. Visit the website of Batteries Sunshine Coast to find a reliable installer on the Sunshine Coast, australia

Installed battery

Manufacturers have already installed the compatible type of battery in a car once you purchase it. It is important to take note of what kind of battery is installed and its location. A standard flooded battery can be upgraded to either EFB ( Enhanced flooded battery) or AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) Battery for increased performance. On the other hand, doing vice versa may result in battery malfunction or a decrease in car performance.

External accessories and safety features

The demand for a vehicle that has an advanced feature is very common in modern cars. These modern amenities come with a demand for power to make them function effectively. There is an approximately 500% increase in the number of electrical devices that are added to cars for over 20 years. This has resulted in an increase in demand for cars that contain a battery sufficient enough to make these accessories function properly.

EFB batteries were built to resist cycling-related failures due to the increased demand for modern cars. Ignition itself requires high peaks of power. Additional accessories that required electrical assistance to function add up to the power demand which may result to a power drain if it cannot meet the demands and worst battery discharge during a trip.

Traffic conditions

A short or long trip matters when it comes to battery recharging. It has been proven that short trips will inhibit the alternator from fully charging the battery which may affect its performance. The vehicle will have a hard time starting during ignition whenever the battery is not fully recharged. On the other hand, if the vehicle is not used for long periods, a power drain may occur from the electronics which may lead to battery discharge which mainly affects starting up of the engine.


Car batteries are designed not just to meet the demands of your driving pattern. Some are built to withstand certain climates. The type of environment you have may also affect the performance and lifespan of the car battery.According to a study performed by AAA, a car battery’s average life span ranges from 3-5 years. Some will range from 3-4 years depending on the location of the user .It has been proven that EFB batteries have high tolerance in hot climates compared to AGM battery.

As a car owner, choosing the type of battery replacement is very important whether your car is new or 2nd hand. Regular inspection of your battery and engine should be done accompanied by regular visits to a certified professional  car technician. This goes with the saying that owning a car entails a big responsibility.