Essential Cathay Pacific Travel Advisories

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Have you ever heard that air travel is one of the safest and also most convenient methods of reaching a destination? It is. Nevertheless, when it gets to the point of certain health and medical conditions, little forethought planning can make the journey a bit comfortable, after and before the flight. Everyone is fit to travel by air, however, special attention is needed for those passenger’s medical conditions that may be interfered with by altitude, travel stress, changing climates, carrying languages, food, and other related travel difficulties. Here are some of the Cathay pacific travel advisories passengers should note;

Arrangement of Flight Services

According to an announcement made by the Hong Kong government, starting from 20th February 2021, Hong Kong’s cabin crew and pilots are supposed to take on 14 days of quarantine and 7 days of medical check-up once they get back to Hong Kong after their duties. Travelers must get information on how to get flight services until the 31st of March 2021, thus their patience and understanding will be highly appreciated. The affected travelers will be notified of the unexpected changes to their traveling plans. Here are some options they can consider;

  • Request a refund.
  • Exchange their tickets for Cathay credits: or,
  • Change their tickets for a new flight.

Information For Cathay Dragon Passengers

All Cathay Dragon tickets, Cathay credits starting with 043, and all documents will no longer be valid from the 1st of April 2021 due to the Cathay Dragon ceasing operations. If any traveler/ visitor booked through Cathay pacific on either, mobile app, Cathay website, or through Cathay contacts center, the concerned travelers are requested to apply for a refund through Cathay contact center or manage to book no later than 31st of March 2021. If they purchased their tickets through a third-party website or a travel agent, travelers should contact them immediately and directly to organize for a refund no later than 31st of March 2021.

Travelers will use their Cathay tickets for travel on Cathay Pacific flights on or before 31st March 2021. Passengers must note that Cathay Pacific tickets starting with 160 remain valid for use.

Ticketing Arrangements

If a traveler’s ticket was issued on or before the 23rd of March 2021, to travel until the 31st of March, travelers can therefore easily change their booking unlimited time with no need of rerouting fees or rebooking. The Cathay Pacific has also extended the final travel date up to the 31st of March 2022, so that travelers can travel when it suits them best. Besides, travelers can alter their booking. If travelers happen to have booked their tickets through a third-party website or a travel agent, they should raise an alarm and contact them directly to organize their changes.

Another option for travelers is to exchange their tickets for Cathay credits if they are not sure when they would like to travel. Same as the value of a travelers’ original ticket, Cathay credits can be used to book trips at later dates thus, can be saved. Below are some conditions to apply;

  • Fare differences may apply.
  • Tickets have to be booked directly via the Cathay Pacific website, Global contact center, or through the mobile app. (for bookings made through a third-party website or travel agents, they should be contacted directly to make changes).
  • Tickets should be booked through/to/from destinations in the Cathay Pacific network, on flights with (“CX’) flight number (Cathay Pacific).

Temporary Lounge Closures

All Cathay Pacific lounges in Hong Kong, with the exemption of Shanghai Pudong lounge, were closed from 1st of April 2020, until further notice due to reduced flight schedule. In addition to that, five more Lounges at Hong Kong International Airport were also temporarily closed. They are;

  • The Deck (Gate 6)
  • The Bridge (Gate 35)
  • The Wing, Business (Gate1-4)
  • The Pier First(Gate 63); and
  • The Pier Business(Gate 65)

At Hong Kong Airport, passengers are indeed warmly welcomed to visit The Wing, First, whose doors remain open for travelers with lounge access and no changes in operation hours. Wing First is situated at level 7, near gate 1-4 Terminal 1. For this reason, travelers are requested to visit the worldwide lounges page or either airport staff to get updated information concerning available lounges. Travelers must note that paid lounge passes have also been temporarily suspended all over Cathay Pacific applicable lounges, with an exemption of Shanghai Pudong lounge. Also, only the Asia miles lounge access is available at Wing First, the same as the Shanghai Pudong lounge.

Travel Health and Safety

All travelers are strongly recommended to consult an aerospace medical specialist or a personal doctor if they have any concerns regarding their fitness for travel. Passengers are requested to ensure that they are medically fine before embarking on air travel. A few passengers may again need medical clearance from Aviation Medical Unit to aid in their safety, health, and comfort inflight or any special help that may be needed during the journey. Medical clearance may be required if;

  • A traveler’s condition to travel is suspicious as a result of the latest disease.
  • The use of medical equipment on board or oxygen as special services is required.
  • A traveler has an existing medical condition where is certain they can proceed with the flight without any medical help during the flight e.g terminal illness, unstable angina, or breathing problems.

Operational and Security Changes

Some phishing emails are targeting Cathay Pacific customers and misusing the company’s name. Scammers have been attempting to deceive customers by giving sensitive pieces of information and details via participation in fraudulent kind forms. Travelers must be careful, as they are not supposed to reveal personal information such as credit card numbers, passwords, and account information through email. Passengers should not click on any link that seems suspicious, or supply personal information used to identify them. If any traveler innocently provides personal information, they should contact (the Hong Kong police force) Cyber Security and Technology Crime Bureau.