Elux Legend 3500 Puffs flavours

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Elux Legend 3500 Puffs are one of the best device out there. They have a lot of flavor options and they are very easy to use.

Legend Tobacco

Legend Tobacco is a tobacco-flavoured e-liquid. It is a great flavour for people looking for a tobacco taste. The throat hit and the throat hit are both very good, so you can enjoy vaping this liquid as much as you want. This product has a medium VG ratio of 70/30, which means that it’s suitable for vapers who want to use their e-cig without worrying about their batteries dying on them in 5 minutes flat!

Legend Water Melon

  • Watermelon flavour
  • Sweet and refreshing

The watermelon flavour is a great choice for summer days. It’s sweet, but not too sugary or artificial, which makes it perfect for any time of the year.

Legend Blueberry Ice

Legend Blueberry Ice is a refreshing blend of fruits and berries, with a hint of menthol. It’s perfect for those who are looking for something sweet but not too sweet.

Legend Blueberry Ice can be used as an all-day vape or when you need an extra boost of flavour in your day. This eLiquid will provide hours of enjoyment, so you’ll never get bored with it!

The Legend E-Juice line is known for its high-quality ingredients and innovative recipes that offer a great taste at an affordable price point. You can find all kinds of different flavours here including our popular menthol line which includes favorites like Menthol Tobacco Fresh Mint & Menthol Tobacco Vanilla Bean.*

Legend Strawberry Banana

Legend Strawberry Banana is a very popular flavour, and for good reason. It has a sweet strawberry banana flavour with a smooth throat hit. This is one of the best flavours in the Legend line, so if you’re looking for something that tastes like summertime then this might be just what you’re looking for!

Legend Mango Peach

Legend Mango Peach is a sweet and fruity flavour that is great for all-day vaping. It has a great throat hit, which makes it suitable for cloud chasers. The vape liquid contains 35% vegetable glycerin, so you can expect to get the same quality of clouds as you would with an e-liquid containing PG or VG.

The taste of this eliquid varies based on who you share it with, but most people agree that it tastes like mangoes and peaches!

Legend Blue Raspberry

Legend Blue Raspberry is a sweet and fruity flavour. It’s a great all-day vape, but it can also be enjoyed as an occasional treat. The taste of blue raspberry will have you coming back for more!

Legend Mint Menthol Tobacco (Tobacco Mint)

The menthol cigar flavour is a strong tobacco with a minty finish. The nicotine content is medium and the puffs are long-lasting, making this an ideal option for those who prefer to smoke their cigars from beginning to end without any breaks in between. This flavour has been bottled at 3500 mg/mL which makes it suitable for use by beginners or veterans alike who want to experience something new on their next trip to the storeroom!

This flavour offers three different options: regular strength available in 10 milligrams per puff; extra strength available in 25 mg per puff; and ultra-extra strength available at 50mg per puff – all contained within one convenient container conveniently sized just right for carrying around while you’re out on the town enjoying yourself!

Elux Legend 3500 Puffs are some of the best device out there.

Elux Legend 3500 Puffs are some of the best device out there. They have a great battery life and they are very easy to use. They are also very affordable and you can get them in a variety of flavours, including chocolate, mint and vanilla.


So the Elux Legend 3500 Puffs is one of the best devices out there for any kind of vaping. You’ll love the fact that you can use all these flavors in one device and also, with their high-capacity battery, it will last a long time while charging.