Do you get the same bonuses on mobile slots and online slots?

One of the main advantages of the advancements of modern technology has been that of mobile casino gaming. Now, players from all around the world can play and win at mobile slots so long as they have all three of these requirements ticked off: a mobile phone with a battery, an internet connection, and a hunger for winning!

Igamers can play now on the move, at a friend’s house, down the pub, or simply in the comfort of your own home whilst watching the football! It is important to know, therefore, whether the mobile version of your slot game will pay out the same bonuses and rewards as online slot games that you might play on a computer or on a laptop.

If the answer is different then maybe it is time to drop the mobile phone and jump back on to the laptop for your igaming!

What are the bonuses and rewards that you can get on both mobile and online slots?

Mobile slots tend to simply be mobile versions of the online slot games that you might play on a larger device. This means that the games should be exactly the same and therefore means that the bonuses for online and mobile slots will also match up to be the same bonuses.

That being said, there are mobile slot games that are designed specifically for mobile devices, meaning that the game you are playing on your phone might not exist on a laptop. Unless the mobile slot game you are playing says mobile version, the games will essentially be identical.

Therefore, here are the kinds of bonuses you can win on both:

  •         The Jackpot – Of course, the big one. This can be won on both mobile phones and larger devices used for online… and we are sure that you have seen a few in your time!
  •         Freebies – Free spins or free playable cash are always hot topics of interest when it comes to mobile and online igaming, and both can be won when playing online/mobile casinos!
  •         Multipliers –When you hit a multiplier you know that you are in for the big bucks, but unfortunately they do not come around so often. Look out for these lovely bonuses both online and on mobile to boost that bank account!

Should you play slots online or on a mobile device to get the bonuses?

There area number of arguments either way, and a veteran slots gamer will tell you that both are rubbish and that you should visit the real casino, but you know better than that and that the odds online are far better than in real life.

Here are the reasons why you might play either on mobile or online:

Why you should play on mobile Why you should play online
Take the game anywhere More screen to look at so better graphics
Easier to manage updates on games More sturdy and trustworthy
Quicker to log on and play to win bonuses Easier to find good deals and reviews on bonuses and games


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