Do All Slots Have Music?

Nowadays, pretty much every online slot game has some form of the soundtrack. It’s part and parcel of the entire online casino community, whether it be the rock ’n’ roll of the likes of NetEnt’s excellent Guns ’n’ Roses or the more subdued, slightly jazzy casino music of more traditionally themed online slot games such as Microgaming’s iconic Retro Reels. 

We take it for granted a little bit now, but a few years back, music in online slot games was much rarer to be found. Playing online pay by phone casino games without any music feels a bit baron today, but it’s not been around forever. But what exactly is the point of music in online slots? 

Why Do Slots Have Music? 

The primary reasons for the introduction of music into online slot games are to add to the theme of the slots, such as in the examples given in the first paragraph, or to add to the overall mood of the slots. 

When online slot games have music, they can add feelings of tension and excitement, comedy, or nostalgia to name just a few. Music in an online slot game can be the difference between it being a fairly average slot or an excellent one. Just trying to play your favorite slot game without music – it will be a totally different experience. 

If you don’t listen to the music in your slots for whatever reason, we fully recommend taking a pair of headphones with you next time your playing slots on the commute to work, or turning your speakers up if you prefer to play on a computer at home. You might really notice a difference, and find yourself becoming a lot more immersed than you previously thought could even be possible! 

Slot Game Music vs Other Video Game Music 

Despite all of the technological advances in online slot games, the world of slot game music is still a little bit behind 

It’s not all bad though. It could be seen as a sign of things to come, as years back, video game music outside of online casinos was pretty… well, rubbish. So in a way, we could consider the fact that online casino music, such as online slots, could well catch up with that of video games within the next few years, and that would be a real treat for us punters. 

The Best Online Slot Game Music 

Are you a big fan of online slot game music? Or, are you new to the whole concept and find yourself wanting to check it out having read this article? Well, you’re in luck, as we have put together a list of what we think is some of the best online slot game music out there. Check it out: 

  • Michael Jackson: King of Pop
  • DJ Wild
  • Universal Monsters: The Phantom’s Curse 

Of course, we would also add both of the slots from the intro into this list: Guns ’n’ Roses and Retro Reels. So, check those out too!

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