Display Comparison of Samsung A54 vs Redmi 12

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By Eva Adm

Mid-range smartphones like the Samsung A54 and Redmi 12 are popular. These gadgets have remarkable features and specs, so purchasers must choose wisely. We will compare the Samsung A54 and Redmi 12 on pricing, design, display, performance, camera, and battery life in this review. After this study, you should know which smartphone is best for you.

Price Comparison

Price is a major concern for many shoppers. Samsung A54 and Redmi 12 are mid-range phones with great value.

Samsung A54: Budget-conscious shoppers like the mid-range Samsung A54. Prices vary by region and promotions, but it’s competitive.

Affordability is the Redmi 12’s hallmark. Xiaomi, the parent company of Redmi, is known for affordable, feature-packed smartphones. For those seeking affordability, the Redmi 12 fits this criteria and also Redmi 12 qiymeti is affordable for almost everyone.

Design and Build Quality

User experience is greatly affected by smartphone design and build quality. Compare the Samsung A54 and Redmi 12 in this way:

Samsung A54 Design: The A54 is sleek and modern. Glass front, plastic back, and plastic frame are typical. Glossy rear panels attract fingerprints yet seem sleek and premium. The device comes in several colors to suit personal tastes.

Design: Like many Xiaomi phones, the Redmi 12 is utilitarian. Plastic bodies with textured backs improve grip and reduce smudges are typical. The Redmi 12 comes in several colors, so users can pick their favorite.

Both phones have various designs, thus choosing one may depend on personal preference. Redmi 12 emphasizes practicality, whereas Samsung A54 emphasises premium feel.

Display Comparison

Smartphone displays affect user experience when surfing, gaming, and watching content. Compare the Samsung A54 and Redmi 12 displays:

Super AMOLED displays are noted for their brilliant colors, deep blacks, and great contrast. Its Full HD+ resolution produces clear images. Models vary, but the display is usually around 6.5 inches, making it adequate for content consumption and daily duties.

Display: The Redmi 12 normally has an IPS LCD display with good color reproduction and viewing angles. It has Full HD+ resolution for clear images. The display size is identical to the Samsung A54, making it versatile.

Both phones have good displays, but the Samsung A54’s Super AMOLED screen may have better color vibrancy and contrast. The difference may not matter to most users.


Performance matters when buying a smartphone. How do the Samsung A54 and Redmi 12 compare in processing power and performance?

Performance: The Samsung A54 uses a mid-range processor, usually an Exynos or Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset, depending on area. Its ample RAM ensures smooth multitasking and app performance. It’s not the most powerful smartphone, but it performs daily work and casual games well.

Redmi 12 Performance: The Redmi 12 has a MediaTek Helio G-series chipset, which performs well in budget and mid-range phones. It also has enough RAM for seamless operation. The Redmi 12 can handle most chores, including gaming, although it may not equal flagship devices.

Both phones perform well for their price, so your choice may rely on use cases and brand preferences. Both smartphones should satisfy casual users without noticeable performance differences.

Camera Comparison

Smartphone cameras are important, especially for photographers. Compare the Samsung A54 and Redmi 12 cameras:

Samsung A54 Camera: The Samsung A54 has a primary high-resolution sensor, an ultra-wide-angle lens, and depth and macro sensors. Samsung’s image processing algorithms provide balanced, bright images. The camera app may offer further shooting modes and tools to improve photography.

Redmi 12 Camera: The Redmi 12 normally has a primary sensor, ultra-wide-angle lens, and macro or depth sensor. Xiaomi’s camera software has AI technologies to improve pictures. Though not as good as Samsung’s cameras, it produces decent images.

Both smartphones have good cameras, but the Samsung A54 has better picture processing and adaptability. The Redmi 12’s camera system can meet most customers’ photographic needs, especially given its pricing.

Battery Life

No one wants their smartphone to die in the middle of the day, so battery life is important. How do the Samsung A54 and Redmi 12 compare in battery capacity and endurance?

Samsung A54 Battery: The Samsung A54 has a decent-sized battery and effective power management. A single charge can last a day, depending on usage. The device may offer rapid charging for speedy top-ups.

Redmi 12 Battery: Xiaomi’s power optimization and the Redmi 12’s large battery capacity ensure long battery life. The device can easily last a day. Xiaomi phones, like the Redmi 12, may offer fast charging.

Due to its larger battery, the Redmi 12 may have better battery life. However, usage patterns and settings may affect battery performance.


Samsung A54 and Redmi 12 both offer great value for their prices. For those who value quality design, Super AMOLED display, and competitive camera, the Samsung A54 is a good pick. However, the Redmi 12 is a wonderful choice for budget-conscious buyers due to its low pricing, good performance, and long battery life.

Your tastes and priorities will determine whether you choose the Samsung A54 or Redmi 12. Samsung A54 may be superior if you value premium design and camera performance and are prepared to pay more. If you want a cheap phone with good performance and battery life, consider the Redmi 12. Before choosing, consider each device’s merits and cons based on your needs and budget.