Different Styles Used In Digital Illustrations

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Different Styles Used In Digital Illustrations


Illustrations have always been one of the most creative ways of sharing ideas and information that otherwise wouldn’t actually be possible. Somethings are better seen than told and the impact can only be felt if seen. Illustrators over the years have used different styles and tools to make their work easier and better.

Since the world has gone through to the digital age where social media and internet are playing very significant roles in our daily lives the use of illustrations have now reached to a point where almost everything we see on our computer screen, laptop screen, and the mobile screen has some kind of illustration work involved in it. The digital age is exploding with different styles of illustrations and in the future, this is only going to increase looking at the pace it is growing currently.


What is Digital illustration and how is it different from traditional illustration?

If you want to understand what digital illustrations are then first you need to know about illustrations. Well, simply put illustrations are works of art made manually (hand-drawn). Illustration can’t really be explained in simple terms as now the use of illustrations are being used and designed in many different ways. To explain it using simple words there are two broad categories in which illustrations can be divided into, traditional illustrations and modern illustrations.


Traditional illustration:

The traditional illustration is a method that has been used to create pieces of artwork that require a lot of skill, time and effort. This type of illustration has mostly been used in the past, hence the name of traditional illustration. The traditional type of illustration is also used currently but due to the fact that the styles of illustrations comprising this type of illustration require one to be a master of handling tools that would help a person in creating beautiful and amazing pieces of art. Even many of the modern styles of illustrations are based on traditional styles. An example of some traditional styles can be pencil illustrations, charcoal illustrations, woodcutting and many more.


Modern illustration:

Since computers have entered our lives there has been an enormous change in every industry and such is the change that is experienced in this industry. The use of technology made it easier for illustrators to create their work in a much faster and better way. Although there are critics who say different things about modern illustrations and how it doesn’t match traditional illustrations when compared to the fact that technology has made creating illustrations easier and paved way for thousands of people to start their careers using the latest tools makes it nothing less than amazing. While modern styles of illustrations might not require one to be a master in many skills as a traditional illustrator was required too but still, the results displayed by modern illustrations are awesome.


Digital illustrations:

Now, digital illustrations come under the umbrella of modern styles of illustration. Digital illustrations are a method of creating illustrations using tablets (mostly). These illustrations are also hand-drawn images but they are made using tools such as Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. The use of technology has enabled illustrators to create amazing and complex pieces of screen art by paying special attention to details like lines, colors, and shadows. Digital illustrations are further divided into more different types of illustrations. Some of them are explained below for your better understanding.


Children’s book illustrations:

Yet another style of illustrations that are being used extensively these days. These are basically illustrations that you normally see in children’s books (picture books). The Children’s book illustration pricing is also something that is very affordable if you hire freelance illustrators to draw these illustrations for you. Since the demand for children’s books is something that is fairly high therefore the competition for the creation of children’s books illustrations between illustrators is also very high leaving the clients happy and satisfied getting this modern style of illustration at low prices.



Whenever you hear the word anime the first thing that comes to your mind is Japan. Well, that is because this particular style of art or illustration was originally and is still practiced in Japan. Sharp facial features, crazy hairstyles, and wild hair colors are something that is a specialty of Japanese anime. Most of these animes are mostly based on either video games or on manga (an anime comic book).