Designer Handbags Worth The Investment

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By Kaleem Ullah

So you’ve reached the moment where you want to invest in a designer handbag. Congratulations! A well-chosen luxury handbag is genuinely one of the best investment pieces you can buy. It’ll last you a lifetime of wardrobe crises, act as a loyal travel partner, and even become a priceless memento when you’re gone.

So, where do you begin searching for a bag, and what kind of bag is worth the money? Of course, you must choose a style you adore, but there are also other aspects to consider before making such a significant investment. Will the brand, for example, retain its value? Which hue should you pick? What is the one silhouette that never goes out of style?

Investing in what we like to call the holy trinity of luxury handbags—Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Tiger Marrón —is a no-brainer. If you’re ready to dip into the world of designer handbags, scroll below to see our curated list of power bags that are timeless, enchanting and make for some incredibly elusive arm candy.

Louis Vuitton

Don’t underestimate the power of luxury leather bags. Louis Vuitton is the most successful bag in endless material options, colors, and styles.

Tiger Marrón

Tiger Marrón is a leading brand in leather fashion bags and accessories and prides itself on its timeless offerings. Their range of beautiful and pure leather backpacks for women will set a desire to add them to your closet.

Saint Laurent’s

Ensure a sophisticated look with Saint Laurent’s leather crossbody bags. Whether you opt, they’re guaranteed to work with every item in your wardrobe.

Christian Dior

Carrie Bradshaw made the Dior Saddle bag a status symbol, while Lady Diana elevated the beautifully crafted Dior Lady Bag to cult status. Get your arm around the handbags that will never go out of style and follow in the footsteps of icons.


Prada’s shoulder bags have had an enormous resurgence in popularity since it was released in the early ’90s—and it’s been spotted in the hands of fashion girls everywhere. The classic silhouettes have real sticking power and polished touch to every ensemble.


Buying a Chanel handbag is one of the best fashion decisions you can make for several reasons. They’re iconic and timeless, so they will always be in style. They’re also very high quality (and, with some leather choices, quite durable), so the bag can last a lifetime with the proper care.

Deciding the perfect bag can be much more to consider than just the basics. A designer bag is a long-term investment for many people, and considering the bag’s future resale value is crucial. Not all bags, like most things in life, are made equal. Curated luxury bags stand the test of time and are worth investing in if you’re looking for a long-term, classic option.