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Talking about entertainment, in the 21st century where the world is living remote life, it is limited to the use of the internet, there are many categories of entertainment available only at one click, which include video games, different shows, films, dramas but the most prevailing source of entertainment is pornography, there is the number of different sites that can provide adult content only at one click, it is a major reason of damage to not only physical nut mental health of children, who can have easy access to these sites.


Certain adult sites keep in mind the prohibition of child access to these sites. Xlovecam is one of the entertainment site providing adult content of various categories, but it uses the website for age verification of viewers.

  • Xlovecam provides entertainment keeping in view the age of viewers.
  • The client can choose their favorite performer.
  • They can be also be alerted about their favorite performance.
  • They can connect or talk through the microphone.
  • They can arrange private sessions.
  • They can make their account and pay through e. wallet.

But this is not available for minors, this website monitors the age of their viewers through special sites i.e., Age Verification Secure, and Anonymous:

  • Protection of the mental health of minors is the responsibility of the government, so they demanded the security of children under 18 from pornography by designing a very easy-to-use application for age verification.
  • Xlovecam uses the same application, and the procedure to verify the age of the client is very easy.
  • com verify the age of the client through a very simple, yet efficacious process only thing the client has to do is taking picture of CNIC through the front camera of your device, it will verify age by examining the photo, to check if the client is an adult, it only requires only your date of birth and photo.
  • It is not required to verify your age every time you visited the site, once it is done, the information is stored, next time you have to log in to your account.
  • cam involves artificial intelligence for complete verification.
  • Security of your data is the responsibility of the website, no need to worry, nobody can have access to your data.
  • Xlovecam and work in collaboration with each other and use, Age Verification Secure and anonymous.
  • There is no tracking cooking of chance of hacking as when you give your data your information is stored in a website, and later erased from devices, so nobody gets the clue of your history, their goal is to provide you entertainment along with protecting your privacy.
  • It is very important to restrict these sites and having controlled traffic on these sites, this is for the protection of minors, addiction to pornography or adult content at a very young age will damage the social values of a nation not only this it may increase the rate of crime, particularly in this era where everyone can have internet access, from a very young age.
  • You can say resolves the problem of government and especially parents by providing full protection of their children against adult content, through controlled monitoring.

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