Customized Medication for Animals

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Customized Medication for Animals

When we talk about life, the first species that comes to our minds is human beings. But there are many more species on this planet. The human beings are the largest and most diversified species but animals are the second largest species. Animals can’t speak and express like humans but they have a life very similar to human beings otherwise. They have emotions just like humans. They also fall sick because of various reasons just like we humans fall ill. The people who have a pet in their house will be better able to understand the similarities between animals and human beings. Raising animals is just like raising a child.  Just like when a child falls sick it becomes a point of concern, similarly when animals fall sick then it is a very stressful situation. Animals can’t express the issues they are facing but their behaviour speaks louder than words when they are sick. They get irritated and unhappy when they are facing some health issues. The best person to help solve this problem is a veterinary doctor.

A Vet is the animal’s doctor. They are the specialist in dealing with various health problems that an animal faces in their lifetime. But being a Veterinary Doctor is tougher than being the doctor for human beings, the reason being that humans are aware of the issues they are facing and can openly express the pain they are going through. Animals can’t do that, even if they know that they are in pain they cannot speak and tell. So the job of treating animals gets tough. Sometimes when the animals are facing some serious health issues, their treatment becomes more like a trial and error thing.

Animals are tough to deal with when they fall sick :

  • The toughest job is to find a way of giving medicines to them.
  • It is tough to feed them when they are sick.
  • Because of a lack of knowledge about the body functions of animals, developing medicines for them is also a tough job.
  • Animals get very angry when they are sick and tend to harm people around them.


Knowing the difficulties that a Veterinary Doctor faces while treating the animals, Compounding Pharmacy has ventured into Vet Compounding Pharmacy. We are aware that compounding pharmacy is the development of medicines according to the unique needs of the patients. Similarly, Vet Compounding Pharmacy is the process of creating medicines for animals who fall sick.

Vet Compounding Pharmacy is a very different and unique field in pharmacy. It has come into existence in the previous few years after facing major problems in treating the sick animals. Treatment of animals is tough right from the diagnosis to the treatment stage. First the identification of disease takes time if properly diagnosed then treating animals is very tough as they don’t take medicines easily like humans can.

Vet Compounding Pharmacy plays a significant role by forming medicines according to the prescriptions provided by the Veterinary Doctor. According to the prescription different salts are mixed in combinations to form customised medication. After the salts are identified the form by which medicine is to be given to animals varies according to their species. It can be crushed, liquidated, mixed in some other food item. Not just the form of medicine, but the flavour of medicine is also decided according to the eating preferences of animals so that the consumption of medicine becomes easy.

Vet Compounding Pharmacy can be said to be one of the latest developments in the field of pharmacy and also one of the toughest jobs. Although it is a tough job but it is also a very interesting and unique field to work in. A Vet Compounding pharmacist is not just creating medicines for animals but also learning a lot of things about this species who are kind but mute. It is a growing field which will soon revolutionize the way treatment of animals is done.