Convert your Microsoft Excel Sheets to PDF in Easy Steps

We produce more content than ever before, so we need to use as many formats as possible. Having the ability to change a file format has many advantages. This tool is also convenient in making our work easy. Getting a fast and reliable PDF converted is a valuable asset. It is also handy when we work with a presentation or ensure that our documents have all the backup copies and the protection they need if computer issues occur.

Introducing, Gogopdf, an online tool that answers all your needs for pdf conversion. Having a go-to tool makes your job simpler and fast. There are competing brands online, but there are key features that they are yet to match. This pdf tool is a must-have for bloggers, marketers, advertisers, or social media influencers.

Gogopdf Tool

Gogopdf is a fast and robust online PDF suite. It is simple and easy to use. The advantage of creating a PDF version of your Excel sheet is to make it more readable and presentable. As they say, data has power, but only when it is interpreted! This tool can convert any document to any used format and applies in the present world. You can convert Excel to PDF, split PDF, combine PDF, or do any work-related conversions through this PDF tool.

Excel files can sometimes become corrupted because of viruses. Thus, converting them protects their integrity. It is also a way of creating a backup copy.

System Requirements for Using Gogopdf

Gogopdf is compatible across platforms. You can use this tool with Microsoft, Linux, or Mac. It also does not eat up your computer resources, unlike other PDF tools. You can also use different browsers while using this online tool. These browsers are Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Firefox, and many more. One thing to do when experiencing technical issues is to open your browser and use the incognito mode. Your computer should meet the minimum requirements (4gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of storage space. It should have at least a CPU speed of 1.6 MHz) and adequate internet speed.

Working From The Cloud

Having a PDF converter allows you to work on the cloud. This online tool is handy in situations where you want to save space on your computer hard drive. How does this work? You upgrade to a pro plant. This way, you can have unlimited uploads and also Cloud space. Cloud storage has more security compared to offline tools.

Your computer hard drive can crash, or the files will get corrupted because of malware and viruses. Working on the cloud also allows easy distribution of files among those working as a group. With pro-Gogopdf, there is no limit to the upload size. There’s no advertisement, and so you can work on your tasks uninterrupted and with utmost pleasure. If you are still using the free version of Gogopdf, you might upgrade to the pro version for more features.

Gogopdf Steps on How to convert Excel to PDF

It would be best if you had the following to convert your Excel files or sheets to pdf. Note that it would be best to have a working computer with enough memory to accommodate Microsoft office. Please remember that it would be best if you also had a browser to work on since Gogopdf is online. It works well with Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, or any other popular browsers. A good Wi-Fi connection is also necessary. This pdf tool is because working with Gogopdf is based on the cloud.

  1. First, you need to open your official or favorite browser and go to the official Gogopdf website.
  2. The official site says Free PDF Converter with various buttons you can clock.
  3. Look for the Excel to PDF button and clock on that. It will open the tool page for converting Excel to PDF.
  4. Click the select files button. It will give you options to upload via Dropbox or Google docs.
  5. Gogopdf is going to scan the document then convert it into the PDF version. This effort will only take a little time.
  6. Once converted, you can download the file or get the link to the PDF to share with anyone. Remember that you can upload as many documents as you want with the pro version.

Key Features

Gogopdf works on multiple platforms, so this makes uploading, converting, and downloading so easy. Gogopdf gives priority to protecting customer’s privacy. If you don’t have a pro account, all files uploaded to the official site get deleted after an hour. This process ensures security for anyone using the tool for free. Another feature of cloud conversion is speed. Computers can slow down when programs are opened at the same time. This choice makes Gogopdf a convenient and fast tool to use for all power users. And one last key feature of this fantastic tool is quality. With Gogopdf, there is no loss of quality during the conversion. It will preserve details of the original file, giving your PDF version presentable and convenient.

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