Choosing the cheap web hosting for your business

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By John Wick

Today, many buyers turn to the internet to find their products or services. It is therefore important that companies that want to be competitive make a place for themselves in the world of the web. The creation of a website is therefore necessary as an essential means of communication. To do this, you have to choose a domain name, but also a web host. Make you understand the importance of web hosting and guide you to choose the best for you that are the purpose of this article!

Finding the best web host: a challenge for businesses

The web host is a kind of virtual computer (called a web server) on which your entire site will be stored. Like when choosing a PC, there are bad ones and good ones powerful and cheap often less efficient. If the domain name gives an identity to the website, it is the hosting that allows it to exist by displaying the pages of the website.

For example, if you plan to upload videos, images or other large files, you definitely need a lot of storage space. Thus, hosting must be done in the best conditions so that Internet users can have the comfort of accessing or downloading your resources. Clearly, the loading speed of a web page depends on the quality of the hosting. The latter defines the general performance of the site and can even affect the effectiveness of its natural referencing in search engines like Google.

Another important point: the technical assistance offered by the host. This can help resolve any technical problems related to the website. If you are a total beginner, it can be very useful to have someone on the phone to help you. In addition, a data encryption system can be offered to you: in this case the host wants to be the guarantor of the security of the site. In addition to securing information and transactions, attacks can also be prevented with good web hosting.

Criteria to take into account for your web hosting

To make your choice among the multitude of arguments presented by the different hosts, here are the most relevant criteria to take into account.


Talking about the performance of a host means referring to the availability of its servers and their connection speed.

The availability of servers gives certain reliability to the hosting. This is a detail to check. It displays as a percentage and you can trust it when it displays between 99 and 100%. In this margin, you have the assurance that your site will not remain invisible on the web for too long.

To come to the connection speed of the servers, it must be said that this data is also to be compared to find the best hosting solution. It determines the page loading speed, which is a sign of the performance of your site, traffic and SEO.


The right web host should offer you offer with an SSL certificate. This will help secure your site with the https protocol. It is this protocol that provides the site with protection against possible attacks. It supports data encryption. For a viable site in the long term, this criterion is of great importance. Check the offers because some hosts offer this feature when others will charge you for it.

Storage & Backup

As a residence of the website, the hosting offers it a space for storing its data. Therefore, depending on the needs of the site, the backup capacity must imperatively count. The greater the backup capacity offered by the host, the more content you can put there.

In addition, it is important to check that your host regularly backs up your website. Indeed, in the event of a technical problem or an attack, it will be necessary to restore the site to a version prior to the incident to make it accessible or to correct a problem.

Customer support available

Despite the measures taken to make your website accessible to Internet users, it is possible that malfunctioning problems may arise. During these times, the availability of the web host’s customer service can heavily count. Better, its reactivity will be able to put more the Internet users (your potential customers) in confidence. Rely on the reviews and comments of users of the hosting service to get an idea of ​​the performance of its customer support. In particular, check whether a free phone number is available for customers.

Ease of use

The right host is the one who is responsible for making the link between the click of the Internet user on your domain name and the servers that lead to your site. This should ideally be done in the simplest way possible.

For example, if you plan to create a site under Word Press, the best hosts today offer you a one-click installation. In addition, reliable hosts often offer a simple interface to access all your stored files without difficulty.

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