Cases of Domestic Violence increasing

To stop the spread of Coronavirus partial and full lockdown is implemented in many countries which are helping to reduce the increase or spread of coronavirus. However, due to lockdowns to prevent an outbreak like coronavirus, other problems are increasing around the world. Such issues include an increase in domestic abuse and separation between married couples.

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According to reports from different countries around the world, the lockdown due to coronavirus has increased domestic violence and especially violence against women. According to a report, In Europe domestic violence has increased due to coronavirus lockdown. The report claims a 30% increase in domestic violence in the UK and France due to coronavirus lockdown.

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The news agency cited various UK officials, social organizations and health officials in their report, saying that in the UK alone, domestic violence increased by 30% during the lockdown. The British news web ‘The Guardian” said in a special report that domestic violence has increased in countries like China, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, and Brazil.


According to the report, China reports a surprising increase in domestic abuse during coronavirus lockdown. Hubei, China’s most affected coronavirus province report three times increase in domestic violence during coronavirus lockdown.

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According to a Brazilian news report, Brazil reports a 40 to 50% increase in domestic violence due to coronavirus lockdown. Most victims of violence are women while the babies are also not safe. Most of the cases of domestic violence reported in Riviera del Conero.


Italy, the country with the highest number of deaths due to coronavirus also reports the surprising increase in domestic violence. Increase in violence reported from most affected cities. In the Italian region of Catalans alone, domestic violence complaints increased by 20% while cypresses increased by 30%

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Although phone complaints of domestic violence in Italy are less. However, women are complaining about violence trough mobile messages and email. Women have locked themselves in the washrooms to protect themselves from violence.


Spain where the coronavirus patients are increasing day by day, domestic violence has also increased during the lockdown. The government has to soften lockdown for women who are victims of domestic violence. Although Spain has a strict lockdown, the government has declared that any domestic violence victim is allowed to leave the home in Lockdown.


In France during coronavirus lockdown domestic violence has increased by 30%. According to France’s interior minister, the domestic violence cases in France has increased to more than 30%. France’s interior minister says that only in Paris domestic violence cases has increased up by 36%.


Like European counties, domestic abuse has an increase in Asian counties as well against women in countries including, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and so on…


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