Car Accidents with Kids in the Car

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No matter the circumstances or situation, car accidents are stressful. However, if children are involved, it can make the situation especially scary.

While it may be an overwhelming situation to deal with if you are in a car accident with children, there are a few steps that can help you. Keep reading to find out what these steps are.

Check Everyone for Injuries

The first step after an accident is to check yourself. Are you hurt or in any danger? If so, you should contact emergency services right away. Also, make sure to check in with your child or children to see if they are injured. If they are still in their booster seat or car seat, do not remove them unless you must for safety purposes. If your child shows any signs of being injured, contact 911 to get emergency services to come and assess your child’s condition while they are still in their seat.

Get Somewhere Safe

It’s a good idea to get out of your vehicle and move to a safe location. This could be a driveway nearby, a parking lot, or even a side street. If you can get out safely, do so.

If you are not able to move your vehicle somewhere else or somewhere safe, it is a good idea to remain in the vehicle and wait for the authorities to get there. Turn the engine of your vehicle off and the hazard lights on.

If you must leave your vehicle, try to move away from traffic as far as you want to a place where you can be easily seen by other drivers. Be sure that it is safe for you to do this first but grab your insurance information and exchange your information with the other involved drivers.

Monitor Your Children Carefully and Closely

Even if your child or children seem fine after a minor accident, you need to keep an eye out for any signs or symptoms of a potential injury, such as a concussion. Some of the red flags to watch for include issues breathing, double vision, loss of vision, increased confusion, or slurred speech. You should also watch for symptoms that point to a developing injury, like bruising on the child’s back or stomach, excessive crying, or bleeding.

Other symptoms of a concussion in children include things like changes to their play, sleep, or eating patterns. In older kids, this may also show up as dizziness, headaches, or a feeling that something isn’t right. Remember, as a parent; you know your child the best. If you are worried or if something seems off, you shouldn’t hesitate to have your child checked out by a doctor or go to the hospital.

While kids are resilient, they could be more fearful, disobedient, or upset after an accident. Be sure to be patient to ensure that your children are safe and sound after an accident. It is also smart to seek professional treatment.

Hire an Attorney for Injury Causing Accident

If you are involved in an accident, it’s best to get in touch with an attorney. If you and your kids are injured, you deserve to be compensated for your injuries and losses. Being informed and proving negligence is a must. This is going to help ensure that you get the compensation you deserve for the accident and to ensure that your kids are protected and can get the medical treatment they deserve.