Caño Cristales The Rainbow River

Caño Cristales The Rainbow River

Have you ever heard of a river that is so colorful and looks like a rainbow? A river in the South American country of Colombia is a river called the 5-color river or liquid rainbow. This beautiful river is located in the National Park of Colombia in the Serrania de la Macarena Province.

Rainbow River or Cano Cristales

The area remained under civil war for a long time, so that no one could dare to come here. Finally, a year after a peace deal between the government and the rebels, the park was opened to the public in 2017. Considered one of the most beautiful rivers in the world, the uniqueness of the river is due to the colorful aquatic vegetation that grows in its basement. September, November is the season for these flowers, pink, purple and red.

Pictures of Rainbow River Rainbow River

This beautiful river is 100 kilometers long, with small waterfalls and rocky paths. After peace has been established in this area, now foreign and foreigners have come here, which has restored their traditions and tourism has also brought prosperity to the lives of the locals.

Caño Cristales Rainbow River


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