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Ultimate Guide to Buying the Best Toilet

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By John Wick

There are lots of factors determining the perfect toilet you need at your home. That’s why we have prepared this guide to help you in finding out the right choice. We will consider the size, shape, style, flushing system, and everything that defines a perfect toilet. So, let’s move to get the one.

Things to Consider before buying toilet

Many consumers end up with lots of issues when not understanding the different aspects of a toilet.

Size & Shape

This is the first and foremost thing that a consumer needs to think of before investing in toilets. The size and shape matter a lot if you have a smaller bathroom. Compact toilets are in huge demand because of their ability to provide a sleek look to the bathroom with less covered space. So, it matters a lot according to the bathroom’s space.

If we talk about the shape then toilets are divided into three bowl shapes known as elongated, compact elongated, and round. The first one provides better comfort as compared to others. However, the last one is specifically made for children while keeping the need for tight space. You must consider the best flushing toilet before making the purchase.

If you are searching the toilet for an aged person who has some back issues then the toilet should be 19’’ tall. Make sure to consider who will use the toilet in the long and short-run while considering the height. The Americans with Disabilities Act highlights that the height of a toilet should be 16.5’’.

Free Standing or Wall Mounted

Now, if we talk about the toilet designs then it falls into different categories such as one-piece, two-piece and wall-mounted. The last one is quite in use these days. People prefer it for its many outstanding features. Not only the toilet gives a modern look to the bathroom but also saves space. Apart from this, the cleaning can be simply done.

While the second one requires sophisticated cleaning and covers a lot of space. If you want to provide a traditional look to your bathroom then it is the rightful choice. But, make sure that the cleaning could be hard. One-piece toilet and wall-mounted have some similarities as they lack the tank. And, if it presents then may hide behind the wall.

Flushing System

The toilets have come with two types of flushing systems. The first one is gravity assisted flushing system while the second one is a pressure-assisted flush system. Gravity assisted system uses the gravity force to remove the waste. The flushing here requires fewer moving parts. That means there is a smooth and simple repair with less expense.

If we talk about the second flushing system then it uses air pressure for removing the waste. That means you will get toilets that don’t clog. But, the cons of this system is its noise that occurs while the toilet flushes the waste.

Make sure to consult with your plumber regarding these two flushing systems before making your purchase.

Act of Flushing

Not only the toilets are different in terms of their flushing system but also in the act of flushing. That means you can get several options of how a toilet flushes. Well, it comes in two ways the lever and the push button.

While the push button provides a sleeker look, the lever is a little costly but both function great. Apart from this, you can flush without touching your hands as manufacturers now bringing touchless toilets to keep the consumer’s needs.

Touchless toilets are suitable for all kinds of hotel and powder rooms to keep the germs away.

Concealed and Skirted Toilets

Most manufacturers build rounded corners on toilets that later on get dust and dirt that become hard to clean. So, it is advisable to opt for a concealed toilet. These kinds of toilets offer a smooth surface from the back of your toilet. That means you can clean it easily without adding some extra effort.

So, consider the cleaning aspect as well before investing in the toilet. If you have no problem with frequent cleaning then choose the round corners toilet but for keeping the hygiene level, it is a must to choose the concealed toilets.

Slow Close Seats and Lids

These kinds of toilets are in huge demand as people get admired with slow close seats and lid.


White color is a good option for your toilet because if you opt for the darker ones then it becomes hard to get the idea of which portion requires the most cleaning. So, make sure to opt for light colors.

Final Take!

So, these are all the things that a consumer needs to think about before investing in any toilet. We hope that the article above has resolved all your queries regarding the topic. However, if you are still confused to find the best pick then make sure to drop your queries below. We ensure to provide you the rapid solutions.