Best FileBot Alternatives for Free

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By Kaleem Ullah

FileBot is the best tool if you want to manage files, media, or Tv shows, but today FileBot is experiencing a downfall. But you don’t have to worry, because there are a lot more options available to help you organize your data in no time. Some of the alternatives are MediaElch, Ant Movie Catalog, or Shoko Anime. You can check out the various options mentioned below. 

5 Best FileBot Alternatives. 

  • TVRename – Free 

If you want a FileBot alternative to renaming your Tv shows in the best possible way, then TVRename is the best option. It will help you to arrange your shows in the correct order. Some of the additional features it offers you are :

  1. Download TV posters. 
  2. Generate TV show metadata automatically. 
  3. Copy files from folders to your Media Library. 

This is one of the best FileBot free alternative tools. If a bunch of files is bothering you, just have it and you can easily arrange all your files. 

  • Media Center Master 

Media Center Master fetches metadata for TV shows and movies. If you want to keep your movies well organized, Media Center Master is the best FileBot alternative. It is only compatible with Windows OS so we recommend you to use it only with Windows OS. If you want more functionality, you can switch to the premium version. It comes with dynamic modes of integration and can be integrated with Kodi. 

  • Shoko Anime – Free. 

Shoko Anime is another FileBot alternative that is specially used for anime. You can manage your anime files in addition to Tv Shows, Videos, Movies, and much more. If you are looking for a lost anime file, you must try this Shoko Anime tool that is absolutely free. It will help you to find your lost file as well as delete duplicate files. You can pull data from the database and manage files by providing series information, characters, and related series. 

  • MediaElch – Free 

MediaElch is an open-source tool that is best to manage media and rename it. You can easily manage music, Tv shows, media, and concerts with the help of this FileBot free alternative. Using it is way easier, you just need to set it up on your phone and call the media files that will be automatically imported into the app. 

  • Ant Movie Catalog 

If you are looking for a FileBot alternative that is free as well as is best for movies, Ant Movie Catalog is the right choice. You can also manage audio CDs and organize games with the help of Ant Movie Catalog. Sometimes, they ask for donations to use the Ant Movie Catalog. You can just pay a little to use this tool to manage your movies. 


As you can see, there are a number of FileBot alternatives that you can use to manage your movies, files, or other things. They are absolutely free just like FileBot. We all know that FileBot is the best tool for managing your files and media, but all these above-mentioned FileBot alternatives work best in managing and organizing your data. Use them today if you want hassle-free files.