Benefits of Nonprofit Interim Staff

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Nonprofit interim staff can provide a number of benefits to your organization. These professionals are experienced and highly trained in their respective fields. They also don’t fear making changes and can help your organization adapt to a variety of situations. This type of leadership can bring about positive changes within your organization, allowing your workers to adjust to the new status quo.


As an interim director, you will have a variety of tasks, from planning the next step of your organization’s strategy to handling a transition. While you’ll be able to depend on the support of a transitional executive, IES’s services can help you make the right choice. IES is a nonprofit organization that relies on volunteers and a small, dedicated staff. Its staff members have experience in environmental science and engineering, business administration, and program management. IES also benefits from the legal support of two Denver/Boulder-area law firms.

The services provided by Interim Executive Solutions (IES) strengthen nonprofits by providing experienced leaders to fill key executive positions. These professionals work inside nonprofit organizations for a fixed period of time to assess organizational needs and build internal capacity. Their expertise can help nonprofits find a new direction while giving current leaders peace of mind. Furthermore, interim leaders can serve as a stepping stone until the permanent leader is in place. Organizational leadership changes are a valuable opportunity to reassess strengths and weaknesses, engage staff, and focus on the essential actions.


Nonprofits have a variety of needs when transitioning from one executive director to another, and hiring interim staff can help ensure the organization’s financial success. With a nationwide network of qualified professionals, Scion provides a customized approach to the search. Their consultants will assess the specific needs of each organization and create a strategic plan that will help achieve organizational goals.

The company’s mission is to serve nonprofit organizations in the best possible way. They have been a full-service executive search firm since 2006, and their team of professional recruiters has extensive experience in nonprofit settings. Their diverse portfolio includes art organizations, universities, and social service organizations. They specialize in the recruitment of extraordinary talent for nonprofit organizations.

IES Partner Liaison

Interim Executive Solutions (IES) connects nonprofits with experienced interim executive directors to serve for a specified period of time. These leaders help assess organizational needs and build internal capacity. Their guidance and recommendations help nonprofits make the transition to a permanent leader as smooth as possible. The transition is also a time for the organization to reassess its strengths and priorities, engage its staff, and focus on essential actions.

IES has a proven track record of bringing the best interim executive to nonprofits. This organization has been in business for over 15 years and provides leadership that is both experienced and trustworthy. Many nonprofits have experienced executive directors who have stepped down or left. Many nonprofit organizations are struggling to find successors, and IES’s services can help.

IES Interim Executive Leader

An IES Interim Executive Leader provides nonprofits with an experienced, interim executive leader. These executives serve for a limited period of time and work with the organization to assess needs, strengthen internal capacity, and execute priorities. This service provides nonprofits with peace of mind while paving the way for the next permanent leader.

The IES Board of Directors approved the proposal from the Executive Search Committee. The new Interim Executive Leader will work closely with Tim Licitra, IES’ outgoing Executive Director. The search firm will conduct a thorough search with IES’s diversity and inclusion goals as a top priority.

IES Transition Consultant

Hiring an IES Transition Consultant can help your nonprofit organization through a challenging time. Nonprofits can use the services of a transition consultant to evaluate leadership effectiveness and ensure continued stability in operations. Nonprofits can also use these services to empower staff and board members and create the conditions for long-term success.

Interim Executive Solutions (IES) provides experienced nonprofit leaders to lead organizations in transition. Their services range from serving as Interim Executive Director to other leadership roles. They are able to provide insight into the current state of an organization and act swiftly when operational challenges arise. They can also help organizations develop plans for bringing in their next permanent leader.