Baseball Caps in Today’s Fashion Evolution

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By John Wick

Printed and plain baseball caps have always been considered fashionable types of accessories. They have been considered fashion staples for both men and women ever since they were first worn by the Brooklyn Excelsiors in 1860. Today, baseball caps are not just worn for sports and athletic purposes. They are accessories that can elevate certain outfits depending on the overall aesthetic. 

Baseball caps are also not confined within the confines of athleisure and streetwear. People wear plain baseball caps whether or not they are fans of the sport. Since the process of manufacturing apparel has now been made easier with technology, baseball caps can come in different patterns, structures, and designs. This makes them more versatile when it comes to different fashion styles and subgenres whether it’s for athleisure or the 90s grunge aesthetic.

Defining the Versatility of Baseball Caps

Baseball caps have proven to be contemporary accessories that can match almost any casual outfit. Whether you’re wearing a simple plain t-shirt or layers of outerwear, there’s always a baseball cap that can go along with your overall outfit. 

Since baseball caps nowadays come in different structures, knowing the right type for the aesthetic you’re going for is always essential. Baseball caps can also come in different materials. Though the most common material used in production is solid-colored wool, you can find many pieces that are made from suede, cotton tweed, or corduroy. 

A lot of companies that specialize in outdoor apparel have even adapted plain baseball caps that can adapt to extreme weather conditions for prolonged outdoor excursions. In this part of the article, we’re going to list down 3 different types of baseball caps and explain how you can incorporate them without your everyday outfits. 

1. The Dad Cap is Back

With the evolution of today’s fashion trends, the aesthetic of “dad fashion” is now being widely embraced especially by streetwear enthusiasts. This includes the big and bulky pieces such as shoes and clothing that most dad’s in the 90s love to wear. A dad cap is typically a plain baseball cap that has 6 panels with a long and curved brim. Dad caps can be paired with almost any outfit providing that you have the right color. Besides this, if you are looking for new gear and planning on buying the baseball equipment and gear online then visiting this site would be a great help.

2. The Aesthetic of 5-Panel Hats

5-panel hats or sometimes called camp hats provide a different look compared to the normal 6-panel structure. They started becoming popular in different subgenres of streetwear and skateboarding fashion. 5-panel hats typically have a seamless front which makes it easier for manufacturers to print the designs they want to feature. 5-panel hats often go well with any type of streetwear outfit especially if you wish for a more visible logo at the front. 

3. High-End or Luxury Caps

With luxury brands becoming more synonymous with streetwear, it was only a matter of time before plain baseball caps slowly adopted a more high-end aesthetic. Though there’s not much difference between the structure of normal caps and luxury baseball caps, the materials and components that are used are often made of expensive fabrics such as cashmere and wool blends. This is why they can perfectly match outfits that belong to a more high-end and luxury type of spectrum.