Avias India Launches Its Premium Cast Iron Cookware Products

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By John Wick

Embarking on a journey to set the gold standard and claim the title of THE market leader is no ordinary feat. That is exactly what champions do, and in the challenging world of innovation, one name stands out – Avias. Over the years, their products have become synonymous with the perfect fusion of sleek design and unwavering durability. Having conquered the stainless steel cookware market, Avias is now poised to unveil its latest premium cast iron cookware products. These products have already created a buzz in the market and are set to take the market by storm.

Renowned for its trusted stainless steel offerings in India and over 19 countries, Avias is expanding its horizons by introducing a collection that combines the heritage of cast iron with the brand’s commitment to quality and innovation. This article delves into Avias exciting journey as it unveils its premium cast iron cookware line destined to redefine the art of cooking. Let us first take a look at these masterpieces before we can discuss them any further!  

Avias Cast Iron Skillet Pan

The heartbeat of Indian kitchens, the Avias Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet Pan is a celebration of traditional cooking methods combined with modern convenience. This best cast iron kitchen essential helps you make restaurant-style paneer tikkas, pizzas, and even brownies while using significantly less oil. Moreover, the long handle and the helper handle make it easier to grip and cook. With its superior heat retention, it cooks food faster and, thus, saves fuel to a great extent.

Avias Cast Iron Kadai

The humble Cast Iron Kadai is something that an Indian kitchen cannot do without. The deep design and robust construction make it ideal for a variety of Indian dishes, from gravies to fried rice; this pre-seasoned cast iron cookware is the go-to answer. Avias Kadai is not just compatible with your gas stove and induction inside the kitchen but can also be used over the direct flame of a campfire. Indoor or outdoor, gourmet style or guerilla cooking, the Avias cast iron kadai/ wok is your plus one.

Cast Iron Dosa Tawa Pan

In an Indian kitchen, dosas and/or rotis are made almost on a daily basis, and therefore, Avias Cast Iron Dosa Tawa Pan/ Roti Tawa is a choice that does not require a lot of deliberation. For lovers of crispy dosas and puffed rotis, the cast iron tawa is a healthier option in comparison to the non-stick alternatives in the market. Unlike the other non-stick alternatives that need to be replaced every 2 years, this cast iron kitchen essential shall bring the authentic taste of dosas, rotis, uttapams, butter naans and parathas to your kitchen for generations.

Avias Cast Iron Kuzhi Paniyaram Pan

The journey into cast iron mastery begins with the Avias Cast Iron Kuzhi Paniyaram Pan. Crafted with precision, this iron pan is designed to create the perfect bite-sized South Indian delicacies. From sweet to savory, the even heat distribution of this pre-seasoned cast iron paniyaram pan ensures that each paniyaram is cooked to perfection, achieving the ideal balance of crispiness and softness.

Avias Cast Iron Tadka Pan

For those who revel in the aromatic wonders of tempering, the Avias Cast Iron Tadka Pan/ Spice Pan is an absolute kitchen essential. The compact design and robust construction of this pan make it ideal for your favorite Indian sabzis, dals, and so much more. The pre-seasoned cast iron ensures that it has a naturally soft surface for cooking, and its induction and gas stove-friendly bottom and its availability in square shape elevate its versatility to another level altogether. Avias’ Tadka Pan is the go-to choice for elevating the essence of Indian cuisine.

Why Choose Avias’ Range of Premium Cast Iron Cookware?

Avias foray into cast iron cookware is a natural progression for a brand that has earned the trust of millions. Since its inception, Avias has been synonymous with quality, reliability, and innovation in the stainless steel industry.

The decision to diversify into cast iron is rooted in the brand’s dedication to providing consumers with a comprehensive range of top-tier kitchenware. While there are hundreds of other choices, why does Avias premium cast iron cookware stand out? Let’s find out!

Versatility in the Kitchen

Avias premium cast iron cookware offers unparalleled versatility. From stovetop to oven and even open-flame cooking, these pieces are designed to handle diverse cooking methods with ease. The inherent durability of cast iron ensures that Avias cookware can withstand the test of time and is being passed down through generations.

Global Recognition

Avias global recognition in over 19 countries is a testament to the brand’s universal appeal and commitment to excellence. The expansion into cast iron cookware is a strategic move to cater to the diverse preferences and culinary traditions of a global audience. Avias aims to replicate its success in the stainless steel segment with its premium cast iron offerings, ensuring that kitchens worldwide can now experience the unparalleled quality and craftsmanship that define the Avias brand.

Style and Functionality

Avias cast iron cookware is not only a powerhouse in the kitchen but also a feast for the eyes. The brand understands that the aesthetics of cookware contribute to the overall cooking experience. Avias cast iron pieces feature pre-seasoned cookware, ergonomic handles, and exquisite finishes, seamlessly blending style with functionality.

Sustainability and Longevity

In an era where sustainability is paramount, Avias cast iron cookware aligns with environmentally conscious values. Cast iron’s longevity and resistance to wear and tear make it an eco-friendly choice, reducing the need for frequent replacements. Avias emphasizes durability and longevity in its premium cast iron products, reinforcing the brand’s commitment to responsible manufacturing practices and a reduced environmental footprint.

As Avias steps into the world of the best premium cast iron cookware, the brand brings with it a legacy of trust, innovation, and a commitment to excellence in the world of cookware and kitchenware. The launch of Avias cast iron line marks a significant milestone in the brand’s journey, expanding its footprint from stainless steel to a broader spectrum of premium kitchenware. With a global presence, an eye for design, and a dedication to sustainability, Avias premium cast iron cookware is poised to become an essential choice for discerning chefs and home cooks alike.

In a world where we are all looking for ways to simplify the way we do our chores and everyday activities, Avias is a brand that is a comrade in more ways than one and thinks every step of its way to make the experience of cooking food on a daily basis a joy and celebration, rather than a mundane chore. We just wanted to remind you of that!

Happy Cooking!