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Asaf Izhak Rubin Claims to Know Why Real Estate Dealings Need a Real Estate Lawyer

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By Kaleem Ullah


You must know that real estate lawyers are one of the biggest considerations that you have to make whether you’re a long-term real estate property investor or buying/selling a house for the first time. The job of a real estate lawyer is completely different from the one that a real estate broker has. You should know that if you are already in a buying or selling process, you shouldn’t wait around thinking about the best way to handle the negotiation. The presence of a real estate lawyer can make things easy for you now and for all future engagements if your partnership works out.

Asaf Izhak Rubin claims that some points during a real estate deal require a real estate lawyer to be there. A lawyer can save the client from any dispute or liability.

Seamless Transactions and Undisputed Deals

Asaf Izhak Rubin has highlighted the importance of going through real estate disputes and transaction errors. There’s a ton of problems that you can encounter when buying or selling a property. This is solely because you may not have experience with the legal side of real estate transactions and processing. For instance, it might be difficult for you to spot fake detail and information in highly sophisticated and legal jargon-containing documents. Moreover, you may also not know what kind of requirements certain documents have or how long it takes to process them.

This could end up costing you additional time and money when making a property sale or purchase. However, with the help of a real estate lawyer, all processes can pick up the pace. What this means is that the lawyer will fulfill all requirements, meet deadlines, and ensure the authentication of all documents legally. Hence, you won’t experience any delays or troublesome gaps. 

Proof and Legal Document Processing Experience

If you think that real estate dealing is easy, then you have surely not crafted any legal documents yourself. Legal documents involved in the sale and purchase of properties are highly sensitive and sight disruptions can cause havoc during transactions. Therefore, everything has to be set up in advance and seamlessly. To preserve the interests of the client, a real estate lawyer makes sure that all legal documents carry legally-abiding clauses. This extends to different types of legal documents such as title, deeds, home disclosures, inspections, and more.

By drafting and culminating documents, a real estate lawyer ascertains smooth real estate transactions. Of course, without proper documents, there will be no proof as to who was and is the real owner of the property. With the help of a real estate lawyer and their experience, you can make every process and detail to be nearly perfect.

Expert and Professional Level Negotiation

Why do you need a real estate lawyer? Surprisingly, some of the biggest real estate dealers and investors cannot negotiate on the price and value of a property. Now, you may be getting the idea of how a real estate lawyer can help in this case. While a broker will rush the deal to get his commission/bonus, the real estate lawyer will work in the best interests of their client whether seller or buyer.

As per Asaf Izhak Rubin, a real estate lawyer will assess the value of the property, produce effective results, and negotiate with the other party on behalf of their client. This makes things highly convenient for you. However, the best part about dealing with a real estate lawyer is that they will teach you negotiation skills.


Do you now realize why a real estate lawyer is necessary for you when you’re entering a real estate deal? For one, you should never venture on buying or selling properties on your own unless you’re a property lawyer yourself. Otherwise, you can potentially end up in the legal disputes or liabilities due to frauds and scams. To reduce the chances of experiencing any discrepancies and to make sure that all transactions go seamless, get in touch with the right real estate lawyer today.