Are Sat Phone Costs Too Expensive?

For consumers considering a sat phone, costs are a significant reason they lean away from it. However, there was a time we all used to feel that way about cell phones as well. Yes, sat phone cost can be high, but smart consumers know how to get around that. Here is the truth about the costs, and how they may not seem as bad as you think.

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Upfront Sat Phone Costs

If you purchase a sat phone outright, you might be out between $600 and $1700. You could pay a lot more upfront as well depending on the brand and the network that you are using.

An alternative to sat phone sales is renting. Many networks are offering this option as well. You can also decrease costs by getting a phone that only performs basic functions. If you have a smartphone, you don’t need a sat phone with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Calling Costs

The costs to use a sat phone are highly comparable to your data plan but similar to what we all used to pay when we first got cell phones. You can also compare the costs of calling on a sat phone to roaming charges when you are in a different country.

The costs here can be as high as 15 cents to 2 dollars a minute.

Research Before You Buy

Consider what you are using a sat phone for. If you are using a sat phone for emergency purposes only, you won’t have an expensive plan or phone. Consider renting a sat phone if you are worried about sat phone costs. This is a technology that is not out of reach if you do your homework. If you are looking for a Digital Radio you can check NX1300.

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