AnyViewer: A Remote Access Software For Businesses

As the world sees technological advances in a way that has never been seen before, human resource management is ultimately better. One example of such technology that is intended to reduce control attempts, track, and function is Remote Access software.

Managing an organization is a very challenging task with many tasks to accomplish to achieve high business goals. However, it may not always be possible to keep an eye on all work and its progress around staff desks. In such a case, the Remote Access software serves as a blessing to the organization.

Not only businesses, but even professionals can easily monitor a computer without their physical presence with this software. Thus, it saves a lot of time and effort by providing access to the device without the need to touch the system. One can use multiple software to access the device remotely online, but finding the most reliable and efficient option is what matters.

Well, here we are going to talk about one windows accessibility software that can meet all your expectations with its flawless performance. Yes, AnyViewer, is the most preferred remote access software with rich options and reliable functionality.

When it comes to remote access technology, there are two devices associated with it. Control PC and PC controlled. The first is called the client while the customer-controlled PC is called the Host PC.

For example, if a professional owns a client PC, a professional PC is a client and a client PC is a master at how an expert can access another computer remotely via the Internet. The work done on the client PC by client PC is due to the enhanced remote access system of AnyViewer. Later, the work is repeated on the customer’s PC, so that they can also view the ongoing work.

How to use AnyViewer?

Here are some steps by which anyone can use AnyViewer to remotely access another PC

  • Download and install AnyViewer software on both PCs
  • Make sure both client and Host PCs are connected to the Internet
  • Open the software and establish a remote desktop connection via the Internet
  • You may need to change some settings on the host computer to allow another device to access it. To do this, you need to type “system. Cpl” in the Run box and open the system properties window. Now, go to the remote control tab and click the “Enable remote control connection to this computer”.
  • Similarly, type “Remote Desktop” on the client computer in the search box and click on it.
  • Type the IP address of the host PC you want to control using your PC and click the Connect to Software button. You can also use the security code on the Host PC by using the ones you can freely control.

Once the process is complete, you should now be able to control PC hosting with your PC, and PC hosting can see ongoing operations.

Features of AnyViewer Remote Software

Remote Access

While at work, you may need to use data stored on your work PC when you are away from your office desk. AnyViewer can help in such a situation by providing a remote access utility that you can access and retrieve important files from it. By using this software, you can access pc files from android device.

So, you can have your work PC anywhere and anytime near your machines whether you are on the move or want to continue your work at home.

Support for Friends and Consumer

AnyViewer seamless and reliable connections are excellent at providing technical support to friends and clients. If you are away from them, all you have to do is establish a connection to their PC with your device and you are ready to go.

By doing this, you not only explain the solution to your friends or clients but also show them the solution or support directly on their PCs.

Multiple PCs Management

Sometimes you may need to control other PCs to run apps or play games with your teams. Efficient remote control software like AnyViewer can be your best companion whether you control a PC from your smartphone, tablet, or your PC.

Why choose it over other options?

Safety and Reliability

Security is undoubtedly the first doubt for everyone when it comes to using remote access software. The remote connection function means that you grant access to your computer via network. Therefore, it is reasonable to question the reliability of such software.

However, AnyViewer comes with the latest Elliptic Curve Cryptography encryption that can effectively protect your data from leaks.


In addition to providing a secure connection, AnyViewer can install flexible connectivity options with automatic updates. Therefore, even a young person can use this software because of the short connections and easily accessible options without the need to deal with connection options.

Very Fast

Fast and slow performance is a major factor more people choose AnyViewer than other options available online. Well-designed for all types of networks and browsers, you can see instant communication without any delay even on a HOST pc.


AnyViewer software is supported by a highly experienced technical team. Therefore, you can be sure of stable performance with high image quality during your remote access session.

Final Words

AnyViewer is without a doubt the best way to remotely access any PC. Comes with rich easy-to-access software options and an easy-to-use interface that will guide you through all the steps of connecting. Besides, it has tons of apps for its flexible, stable, and fast performance, making it one of the most accessible remote software.

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