Advantages of using silicone beads for teething

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By Kaleem Ullah


Like when someone gets hurt, putting pressure on the sore part relieves their pain and discomfort. Chewing and putting pressure on the gums helps relieve babies of their discomfort. Using silicone bead teethers is a perfect option to soothe baby gums because of their cold sensation, which helps remove irritation. 

Of course, you know babies are impulsive and put almost everything in their mouths. If you take it away from them, they will fuss about it. By offering your baby a silicone bead teether, you not just help them soothe their gum but also have something to play with. 

Silicone teethers help babies learn

Almost everything is a new experience in your baby’s life. It is their nature to touch, feel, and put things in their mouth. This is why silicone bead teethers come in different shapes, noises, textures, and feelings to give your baby a new experience. You have a wide range of wholesale silicone beads in different shapes, sizes, and textures to give your baby a unique and safe experience.

It also further helps to improve the grip strength of your child. Once they want to grab something, handle it, and drop it, it enhances their spatial awareness. It also helps to boost their motor skills. 

Apart from all the learning benefits, you have a long list of other benefits too;


Silicone beads offer great safety. Whether you make teethers, rings, necklaces, or anything else with them, everything is non-toxic and of the highest standard. It is also essential to note that silicone teething necklace is bacteria-resistant, clean, and hypoallergenic.

Simple to clean

Cleaning silicone teething accessories doesn’t need any additional effort. Just rinse them under warm water with light detergent or a dishwasher. It is suggested to wash them daily, or every time they come in contact with the ground. 


Before using silicone teethers, it is suggested to keep them in the refrigerator for some time. It will help them soften and cool it down, making it more soothing for the baby’s aching gums.


Choosing a conventional teether for your baby is not everyone’s choice. However, the fashionable silicone bead teether may prove to be a fashionable option. The best thing is that you have the beads in appealing colors, shapes, patterns, and sizes to meet your fashion standards.


A custom silicone mold manufacturer aims to offer its customers top-quality silicone beads and accessories in different styles, colors, and shapes. Every product is BPA-free and has no lead or heavy metal. All products are clean, safe, and 100% recommended for your baby.

Wrapping Up

To conclude this whole thing, it can be said that wholesale silicone beads are available at several retailers. However, it is suggested only to choose a reliable and reputable manufacturer to make your purchase. New Top Rubber is your one-stop solution to get the highest quality wholesale silicone beads at the best price. You will get customized options for you. So, order anything you want for your baby or yourself now.