Advantages of Owning a Pair of Designer Sunglasses

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By John Wick

Aside from being a style accessory, sunglasses are also very useful for protecting your eyes from the harmful UV rays outside. It also helps keep your vision clear even in bright light. Regularly wearing your sunglasses is proven to be beneficial, which is why investing in a pair makes it justifiable.

Designer brands such as Chanel, Dior, or Carrera sunglasses deliver quality sunglasses and provide stylish products. You may choose to buy cheap sunglasses, but these kinds of sunglasses don’t really last long and often are poor in quality. Spending a little extra to buy that designer pair will benefit you in the long run.

 These Sunglasses Are More Than Just a Fashion Statement

Branded sunglasses are guaranteed to have an excellent selection for their sunglasses’ designs and styles. When buying a pair, you are also investing in creative and innovative designs that are ergonomically tested to ensure they offer the utmost comfort possible.

With a wide range of design choices that fit your face shape and style, there’s no denying that designer sunglasses are not only fashion-forward but amplifies one’s style as well. Authentic designer shades are also established to be more durable compared to their cheap equivalents. Frames have gone through extensive testing so they don’t break or snap under pressure.

It is important to note that one of the reasons why designer shades are expensive is because they offer much more protection than cheaper brands. Increased visual comfort and protection through high-quality polarised lenses are what’s included in this investment. Because sunglasses are essential for protecting your eyes from dangerous UV light, look for those that can offer 100% protection against it.

Some designer sunglasses, depending on where you purchase them, offer a 1 to 2-year warranty. Others even have offers for a lifetime warranty which includes lens and frame repairs and replacement.

Take a look at some of these factors to consider before choosing your preferred designer sunglasses.

  • Face Shape

There are various face shapes, and it’s best to determine yours to make sure the design of the sunglasses would compliment you best. For oval face shape, choose round, cat-eye, oversized, aviator, wayfarer, square, and sports frames. Curved frames are best in balancing angular lines for square face shapes, so go for styles like aviator, cat-eye, round or oversized. Round face shape looks best in angular frames that add structure, so try square, wayfarer, or sports frames for the perfect fit. Lastly, sunglasses that bring attention downward for heart-shaped faces—including aviator, cat-eye and round styles—will work well with your face.

  • Lens type

Different types of lenses are designed for different lifestyles. Lens treatments include UV protection, polarised, mirrored and gradient. UV Protection shields eyes from damaging UV rays. There is also a polarised lens that blocks glare while enhancing colour, clarity, and depth perception. Meanwhile, the mirrored lens has a reflective coating that absorbs light and reduces glare. Gradient lens is the type that fades from dark to light tint for more comfortable vision useful for different lighting conditions.

 Don’t Hesitate, Get That Designer Pair of Glasses Now.

There are many sunglasses out in the market now, and it isn’t difficult to pick up a cheap pair from stores. But owning a pair of designer pairs is a way to make a statement and lets you stand out from the crowd. Known brands worn by celebrities and influencers such as ray ban, Oakley, gentle monster, and Carrera sunglasses are good options to try out. If you’re keen on making investments for your wardrobe essentials, purchasing designer sunglasses will be worth it.