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A Scenic Road Trip from Guwahati to Shillong

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Guwahati to Shillong was a ride. Quite literally.

It had taken me a while to make up my mind about this destination. With no direct flights or trains or even buses, I was a little too reluctant to go forward with it but then I found this affordable Guwahati to Shillong cab service who came to my rescue. And that is how I began my journey.

Although it was a last-minute booking, I could see that the driver had pulled up on my doorstep as I peeped through my window in the early hours of the day of the trip. As I stepped out of my stay at Guwahati, which was a pleasure, to say the least, and into the vehicle, I threw away all of my expectations.

I have an irrefutable liking for tropical environments and Guwahati was promising, but I had heard Shillong usually has colder weather which I am not much of an enthusiast of, so if you tell me I was biased, I will not deny it. Also, I believe an expectation-less mind makes the journey much more fulfilling. Two cities that are easily linked via road; an approximately 99 kilometre/2-hour drive and trust me when I say that it was nothing short of MARVELLOUS.

I sat in the cab, a little worn out, but happy. We took the NH6 route. The traffic sometimes slightly nudged at my patience in the gut but the ride was super comfortable. Also, I still think it was all worth it for the view – they simply took my breath away. My cab driver and I shared some stories along the ride, he was just the sweetest!

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As I came closer to Shillong I could see that the lakes, forests, hills, and valleys encompassed the city, as if they were hugging the city tight, close to its heart. It felt like there was always something to explore.

Along the ride, we stopped by roadside fruit vendors and had food from Jiva Veg Restaurant at Nongpoh. About halfway up, we stopped at the Sohliya village and I gushed at the green that I think appeared to be the lushest there; stood in front of the Barapani Umiam Lake – oh how much I wanted to just jump in! I might go back just for the swim. Not that it is too hard to travel through these terrains now! Hassle-free booking through this cab service app made me feel like it was easy while the reasonable cost of it all kept me tension-free.

As I finally reached my destination, I got out of the cab, stretched my arms and legs, and gave out a sigh of satisfaction as I sipped my glass of hot tea. It felt like it was my reward while the ride was my victory. The wind brushed against my face and could not help but feel a sense of utmost content.

That was when it struck me – a ride I was a little sceptical about, mainly because of the road and barely any transport – I would have missed out on one of the most serene and gratifying experiences to date. The entirely customisable trip made it very easy, enjoyable and so much fun. It is in fact true what they say: the journey is greater than the destination!