A Perfect Style-Bible for Modern Man

Each day brings a new style into our lives. What was relevant yesterday is not so much appreciated today. Well, of course, you know that. That is precisely why you’re here. You’re here to take a look at the perfect style guide we have for you.

With these evolving times, you lads might get worried as to how you can maintain your style. Maybe you’re looking for a game-changer to impress a lady you’ve had a crush on for ages? Gentlemen, you have come to the right place. We have got your back, whether you’re only a beginner in this style of game or an expert. After all, even an expert needs a fresh set of ideas, no?

Those days are long gone when men didn’t have to do much about their appearance. A modern man should always take pride in his appearance since it is what matters these days. One can argue and say that everything is not about looks, but who are we kidding here? It’s a 21st-century man. A noble heart and a good personality come later while your appearance tops the list.

So, are you ready to take on this journey, my friend?

Your Guide for the Perfect Style

As you know, our life is full of rules and regulations. Wait, don’t tell me there are rules for styling well. We’ve had enough of them.

Groan. Sigh.

Too bad, but it is what it is. Rules are made from the very start. But aren’t we talking about modern men here? The rules we’re going to tell you; some of them have stayed for generations, while the others will only fit into a modern man’s guide.

Here we go, guys.

Colors won’t kill you.

Men wearing colors apart from the neutrals? It is not outrageous at all. You should not shy away from colors, as wearing different shades will make you feel even more confident about yourself.

Not saying that you should ditch the blacks, greys, and blues. But embracing new colors will not harm you. Trust us on that. Some brighter shades of blue, maybe some light pink, and a green outfit will make you look absolutely dashing. Although, remember one thing about colors; the less, the better. So, make sure your garment is of one color only.

A watch, please

Yes, this is very important. A watch is not just a time-teller; it brings out your personality and tells who you really are. It is the most liked of men’s jewelry, because of its style and convenience. You can pair your watch easily with any outfit and see how it enhances your outfit. Whether it’s a smartwatch or a traditional one, it says a lot about your personality and lifestyle.

Dress for the occasion

Imagine being dressed up for a party while going to a funeral. Sounds absurd, no? Exactly. The worst kind of outfit is one which is out of place. Therefore, you should always be dressed appropriately. Meaning, your outfit should match the environment.

Style isn’t only what everyone can see.

Truer words have never been saying. There are specific rules, too, when we talk about men’s underwear. First, your underwear is not the garment to express your personality. You should get one that isn’t so full of prints and is comfortable enough. I mean, of course, you need comfort down there. Boxer briefs provide you with more support as compared to boxers. Make sure you get ones that are breathable as well as a good fit.

Know how to wear a suit

Ah, yes. You might have heard about this one before. The secret to looking good in a suit is fitting. If your fitting’s off, you’re going to end up looking off as well. The most important is the fit around your shoulders. Moreover, we’d advise you to for the classic suit. Single-breasted, two-button, and dark. Nothing defeats that style.

Wait, I have to do something about my hair too?

Mhmm, yes, of course, you do. You can change as many outfits as you want, but your hair will remain the same. Men need to go to the barber often to keep their hair in check. You should find a barber whom you can trust with all your heart. They’ll not only give you a good haircut, but they’ll know what will suit you well. That’s right. A good barber may help you cultivate the perfect style for you. Oh, and once you trust them, stick with them till the end.

A signature cologne is sexy

Like a watch, your cologne says a lot about you, on a personal level too. It’s like a cherry on top and makes your appearance a hundred times better. The cologne you choose should be the one you’ll be choosing for a long time. People will recognize who you are just by your scent. How cool is that?

Invest in shoes

People often forget how important shoes are. Here’s a tip: Don’t get anything too over-particular. Why? Because it might look good for now, but really, it’s just a waste of money. The simpler, the better. Get valuable shoes. One that lasts a good 10-15 years. Loafers and brogues are some of the classic styles which never fail to look good. Whether you’re a modern man or an old-fashioned guy, shoes should not set you apart.

It’s all about the classics

This applies to your shirts as well. Any shirt of yours can look expensive if it is pressed well. That’s the tip, lads. Press. Your. Shirt. Well. Half of your work is done if you follow that advice.

Your life will undoubtedly take a turn if you stick to these rules. However, you should know when to break them as well. Be confident, take pride in your appearance, and style yourself well—nothing else. Your appearance is an essential part, and you have to take care of that. Show the world who you really are and just how you can fantastically style yourself. We know you can do it.

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