8 Key Reasons Your Child Should See a Dentist

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According to data collected by the CDC and National Center for Health Statistics, more than 13% of children ages 5-19 have untreated cavities. This isn’t too surprising as about 15% of children don’t visit the dentist at all in a given year.

Your child should get dentist help as their teeth develop. This guide will list some important reasons why your child should visit the dentist. Keep reading to learn more.

1: It Helps Them Feel Comfortable 

The first dental visit is important because it sets the tone for how your child approaches their dental health in the future. Your child should see a dentist by their first birthday so they can start to feel comfortable going to the dentist.

A dentist’s office can be a scary place for a child but the earlier and more often they go, the easier any future appointments will be. The equipment won’t look so scary if your child understands what it’s used for.

Family dental offices are decorated with kid-friendly decor and dental toys to help put your child at ease. Once they get to know the staff they’ll feel more comfortable too.

2: It Can Prevent Dental Cavities 

Going for a dental visit twice a year is recommended by a pediatric dentist in Roseville, VA to prevent dental cavities from forming. Routine care and cleanings twice a year will keep your child’s teeth strong and healthy.

Children are at higher risk of developing cavities as soon as their teeth starting growing in. Not knowing the correct brushing techniques and bad eating habits increases the likelihood of children developing cavities.

When your child goes to the dentist for routine check-ups, their dentist can check for cavities and treat them before they get worse.

3: Encourages Good Dental Hygiene

It’s also important for children to visit the dentist regularly so they can develop good dental hygiene habits. While you likely help your children brush and care for their teeth, a trained dentist knows the proper techniques and the best way to relay that information to children.

When visiting a dental office, the dentist will teach your child the right way to brush their teeth without being too harsh on the gums. The dentist will also show your child how to floss. They might even set your child up with a starter kit of supplies they need.

Regular visits to the dentist will show your child that it’s important to maintain good dental hygiene as they grow older.

4: They’ll Get the Personal Care They Need 

Developing teeth need specialized care from a family dentist who understands the issues that can arise. Besides the increased risk of cavities, baby teeth can create issues that only a dentist can address.

Most baby teeth fall out naturally but when they don’t you need to get some baby teeth pictures taken so the dentist can evaluate what’s going on. There might be a crowding issue or inadequate permanent teeth development.

Whatever the issue might, a visit to the dentist will help you determine what dental problems your child is facing and the best solution to help them keep a healthy smile.

5: It Can Determine if They Need Braces 

When your child sees their dentist regularly they’ll get examined for a variety of possible issues. As your child’s permanent teeth appear, their jaw structure will help determine the shape and alignment of their teeth.

Your child’s dentist will be able to find misalignment and determine whether or not your child will need braces. If their dentist can detect these issues before they’re fully formed, they can address them so braces can be avoided.

6: Dental Emergencies Can Occur 

Establishing a relationship with a family dentist can also help when dental emergencies occur. A dental emergency caused by an accident can bring on a lot of stress for anyone, especially a child.

If your child already has a dentist they’re used to and trust, this can make the situation much easier to handle. When a dental emergency does occur you need to contact your child’s dentist right away to avoid any serious harm and prevent tooth loss as well.

7: A Dentist Can Fix Bite Issues 

Dentists don’t just fix cavities and crooked teeth, they also address bite issues that can occur as your child grows. An overbite or underbite can lead to chewing issues.

This can make eating difficult and cause nutritional deficiencies. A visit to the dentist will help you determine the best course of action for your child.

Speech issues are often caused by dental problems. Speech impediments can make learning correct pronunciation difficult and lead to more educational hardships if not addressed. A dentist will examine your child and create a treatment plan to help correct this dental issue before it affects your child more severely.

8: They Might Need a Mouth Protector 

Many kids love spending time outdoors playing around. Other kids play a variety of sports. All of these things put your child’s teeth at risk of harm.

Especially if your child plays a contact sport, it’s important to visit the dentist and talk about getting a specialized mouthguard. If they use this guard while they’re playing it’ll protect their teeth from harm.

Why Your Child Needs a Dentist’s Help – Explained 

Dentist help is vital as your child’s teeth continue to develop. Visits to the dentist can help your child receive treatment for all dental issues they’re experiencing. Seeing the dentist every year will also decrease your child’s chances of developing cavities.

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