8 Easy Instructions To Produce A Spectacular Corporate Welcome Video

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By John Wick

First impressions usually form the last impression when employees join the organization. It is, therefore, important to have a good first impression. It can be achieved by creating a spectacular corporate welcome video.

Video content format has suddenly grabbed the limelight as social media, and other digital platforms have become a part of our daily regimes. Corporations of all sizes have welcomed this format and now compete to produce stellar corporate videos. A corporate video focuses on your company, your culture, and your employees as a whole.

Such videos are non-advertisement based content and do not pay much attention to the product or services offered by your organization. These are prepared for prospective employees and current employees to offer training, etc.

There are various things that organizations should be mindful of while planning and creating welcome video content.

This article discusses eight such rules which, if followed, will ensure a stellar corporate welcome video for your organization.

Plan Your Video

Videos, although popular, are tricky to plan for. However, it is vital to plan precisely for your corporate welcome video. Your plan should answer all of the following questions.

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What is your video budget?
  • What part of the budget are you willing to spend on the pre-production of your video?
  • What message do you want to convey?
  • Is it necessary to produce this video?
  • Can the video be produced and edited in-house, or would you hire experts to do so?

Once your plan answers all the above questions, you will have a better understanding of your requirements and can schedule the preparations accordingly.

Write Your Script

Having planned the video to the minutest detail, you may want to jump right at shooting the video. However, you must take a step back and jot down exactly how you would want your video to appear.

A detailed video script includes coming up with a scenario, including technical breakdown and dialogues. It also includes details such as shoot angle, camera movement, and a brief description of each shot. For corporate videos, close-ups tend to be better than wide shots as it helps the viewer focus on you and gives them someone or something to relate to.

Video Tonality

The tone of the video depends on the culture of your corporation. If you are a young organization, creating a serious corporate video will not suit your style. Therefore, the tonality of your video will mostly depend on how your employees interact and collaborate. Funny, serious, viral, touching, inspiring are all correct approaches to the video.

Mindful Casting

Casting is an essential step in video making. Selecting the right people for the video is important to justify your script. The cast portrays and gives life to any video.

That being said, for corporate videos, it is important to stick to your employees who are comfortable in front of the camera and can easily carry out the tasks assigned to them. You should refrain from hiring actors for your video unless it is the demand of your script.

Corporate videos are generally created for internal purposes and should not involve professional actors.

Select The Right Location

As mentioned above, these videos are your gateway for displaying the awesomeness of your organization. For instance, if you have a cool office space that you would like to flaunt about, go ahead. Corporate welcome videos are a perfect opportunity for you to do so.

While finding the right location for such videos can be daunting. However, it is advised to select a location that justifies your script. Selecting your office space is often an excellent idea as it imparts a good sense of reality to your audience. Although if you decide to do your video in your office, beware of receiving calls halfway through your video!

Choose The Platform For Displaying Your Video

While there are several occasions for organizations to talk about their products and services. For instance, while pitching for funding or while advertising to customers and other stakeholders involved. However, only welcome videos provide the opportunity to showcase how you stand-out from the crowd in other aspects of business such as perks, office environment, work culture, diversity, inclusivity, etc.

That being said, while planning your video, you should identify the right platform where you would like to publish the video. Many organizations choose YouTube to be the primary platform and also upload shorter clips of the video on other social media channels.

If you are wondering about how to convert YouTube to mp3 video format? Various online services allow users to do so.  You can utilize this service for converting both video and audio files from YouTube to mp3 format.

Cross-Check The Sound Quality

If you have ever come across a video with bad sound quality, you will know that this one is a total turn off for viewers. As a video creator, you want to stay away from such blunders.

If you decide to shoot the video in your office, the background noise of telephone ringing or employees chatting or even the noise of the equipment can overtake the video sound. Therefore, recording the sound through a good quality mic is important.

You can also choose to have a script with narration that can be imposed later on. If that does not suit your script, you can re-record the dialogues with your cast and impose them on your video while editing. However, in this case, the lip-sync is vital. You do not need to invest in an editor right away. InVideo can do the job for you for free.

Pick Apt Background Music

Similar to sound quality, the background music and effects are important to add the edge to your video. However, the internet has numerous free online slideshow makers with music and effects that can help you add the zing without shelling a penny from your pocket.

Having the right background music and effects will mean that your audience is captivated right till the end of the video, and your efforts your video gets the attention it deserves. Although it might seem small, these details ensure an enthralled audience.