7 Things You need to Know About the Blue Merle French Bulldog!

The French bulldog is a popular breed of dog that originated in France. There are several different types of French bulldogs, including the blue merle. The blue merle is a unique colour and has a distinct phenotype. Here are 8 things to know about the blue merle French bulldog!

7 Interesting Facts about Blue Merle French Bulldogs!

1. Blue Merles have Exotic Coats

The blue merle French bulldog for sale has exotic coat and eyes! They are a beautiful dog with a unique coat pattern. The blue merle colouring is a combination of black and grey, with patches of both colours on their coat.

They also have blue eyes, which makes them stand out from other breeds. French bulldogs are a popular breed for people who want a small dog that is easy to take care of. They are playful and loving, and make great companions.

2. Their Coat-shade is a Genetic Condition

The shade in blue merle French bulldogs is a genetic condition that can be passed down to their offspring. The condition is caused by the combination of the genes, merle and black. Dogs that have this condition will have a mottled coat of black and grey.

While the condition is not harmful, it can affect the dog’s appearance. Dogs with this condition should be bred responsibly to avoid passing down the gene to future generations.

3. Two Merles Shouldn’t be Bred

Two merle French bulldogs should never be bred because the shade in their coats is a genetic condition. Merle is a pattern of coat colour that is caused by the expression of two genes, M and M. Dogs that are homozygous for merle (Mm) have a much higher probability of being born with health problems than dogs that are heterozygous (Mm).

Some of the health problems that can occur in merle dogs include deafness, blindness, and skin disorders. Since two merles can produce puppies that are also merles, it is important to never breed two merles together. Not only could these puppies be born with health problems, but they could also pass those problems on to their offspring. If you are thinking about breeding your French bulldog, make sure you have him tested for merle to find out if he carries the gene.

4. A Dog with a M Allele Copy can only have a Merle Coat

The merle coat is a unique coloration that can be found in some dog breeds. This colouring is the result of a mutation in the dog’s DNA that leads to the production of excessive amounts of pigment. This mutation is caused by a change in a gene called “Merle.”

Dogs that have two copies of this mutated gene will produce a merle coat. Dogs that only have one copy of the mutated gene may produce a patchwork coat of merle and non-merle fur. While the merle coat is generally considered to be attractive, it can also be associated with health problems.

Dogs that are homozygous for the merle gene (meaning they have two copies of the mutated gene) are at risk for hearing loss, blindness, and various other health problems.

5. Blue Merles are damn Expensive

Since French bulldogs have become so popular in the past few years, their prices have skyrocketed. The average price for a French bulldog is now around $2,000, but blue merle French Bulldogs can cost up to $4,000.

Many people believe that the reason for the high prices is because breeders are trying to take advantage of people who want these dogs. However, some breeders argue that the higher prices are necessary in order to cover the costs of breeding and caring for these dogs.

6. Blue Merles are Extremely Rare

French bulldogs are one of the most popular breeds in the United States. They come in a variety of colours, including brindle, black and white, and fawn. However, one colour variation is very rare – blue merle.

Blue merle French bulldogs are born with a patchwork of light and dark blue fur. They have striking blue eyes and a black nose. They are considered to be extremely rare, as they make up only a small percentage of the total population of French bulldogs.

Despite their rarity, blue merle French bulldogs are just as friendly and lovable as any other type of Frenchie. They love to play and cuddle, and they make great companions for families with children or other pets.

7. Blue Merles are Fun Loving and Playful

One of the most popular dog breeds in the world is the French bulldog. They are a small, playful breed that is known for being extremely sweet and loving. While there are many different colour variations of French bulldogs, one of the most unique is the blue merle.

Blue merle French bulldogs are just like any other French bulldog, but they have a beautiful coat of blue and black fur. They are just as sweet and loving as any other French bulldog, and they make great pets for families with children.

They are also great companions for people who lead active lifestyles, as they love to play and run around. If you’re looking for a fun-loving and sweet dog breed, then a blue merle French bulldog may be perfect for you!

Where can you find blue merle French bulldog for sale?

Are you looking for a blue merle French bulldog for sale or even French bulldog puppies for sale? If so, there are a few places you can look. The first place to check is online. There are many websites that sell French bulldogs, and you’re likely to find a blue merle pup for sale on one of them.

Another option is to check with breeders in your area. A quick internet search will help you find breeders near you who may have a blue merle pup available. Finally, you can also check with rescue organizations. Some rescue organizations specialize in French Bulldogs, and they may have a blue merle pup available for adoption.

Whichever route you choose, be sure to do your research before purchasing a dog. Make sure the breeder or rescue organization is reputable and that the pup has been health tested and is healthy and temperament tested!

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