7 Things to Know About Marketing Cloud Consultant

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By Kaleem Ullah

The business world is growing fast, and many organizations are now shifting to the digital world and using digital tools like the marketing cloud to help increase their sales. 

The marketing cloud is a platform that helps marketers convey their messages to the intended audience on time. 

Many organizations use the platform for various reasons, including checking on customer trends. It would help if you got a good marketing consultant to succeed. 

For beginners who want to use Marketing Cloud Consultant, there are some things they need to know for a successful marketing cloud, and they include;

You must Create an Application Portal

It would help if you created an application portal for your marketing cloud to work efficiently. Besides, it will help you review the application process and your log-in page.

 Your application portal needs to be detailed to help fast the reviewing process. It will also help your portal to reject applications under specific criteria automatically.

You can create a tutorial to help your clients fill up the application portal fast as a business. It would also help if your customer care service is always available if a customer gets stuck while filling the form; this will help promote customer satisfaction. 

You need to set up progressive profiling.

Marketing Cloud allows you to have personalized contact with your customers. You need to set up progressive profiling, which will enable you to collect data about your subscribers over time; this makes it easier to know what is in high demand and work on how to boost your sales even more. 

You don’t have to use overwhelming data collection criteria since it may chase away customers. Instead, you can ask them a few questions each time they log in to your website. It would be best if the questions were simple and required one answer. 

Shift your Data Model

Data extensions and data designs may seem suitable, especially for online businesses. However, they may be overwhelming to your customers, and it would be best to avoid them. You can improve your marketing cloud to ensure user-friendly by looking for other alternatives. 

For starters, you can take advantage of aws cloud migration service to extend the capabilities of your marketing cloud. You can ask your clients to give you some ideas or suggestions that you can use for your data model to make it simpler and straightforward. 

Activate your Journey Builder

For your marketing cloud to be successful, you will need to get a journey builder to help you create automated and responsive campaigns on your different channels. Moreover, it allows you to engage with your customers during your brand’s experience stages. 

 For the builder to work, you need to power it up; it would also help if you use the cloud connect to make it easier for you to access it at all times. Notably, when you utilize marketing cloud connect, you will discover many automation options. You need to submit one case using Salesforce support for any action to appear in your Journey Builder. 

Familiarize Yourself with Content Builder Features

For your marketing to work, you need to get the right kind of content, and you can use Content Builder to help you with that. 

It may not be easy to work with Content Builder due to the several features present, and as a marketer or business owner, you need to learn in-depth about the features. You can use the Email template in your Content Builder to create emails to help your email campaign. 

Besides, the template has several areas where you can drag and drop images or content blocks which helps you save time while keeping your email messages consistent.  

You Need to Test Email Templates

It is common to experience some issues with your email templates, and you may need to test them to know what the problem is. Your Email templates may get several errors while you are trying them. Therefore, you need to use a suitable testing method like the current field variables, which requires you to submit a Disable CAN and SPAM case using a Marketing Cloud service. 

If you do not use a marketing cloud service, you won’t send or test any emails effectively since you will encounter many errors. 

Familiarize Yourself with Data Filters

There are built-in data filters in the marketing cloud, which works best for organizations starting up. It will help if you learn more about the data filters to help promote your marketing cloud. You can use the data filters for various reasons. Still, it will be best to get a technical expert to guide you because it may be difficult for marketers to handle the specialized segment independently. 


The things listed above are essential if you want to use a Marketing consultant. You can also research more on the market cloud and consult cloud experts to help you in your journey. 

The marketing cloud is helpful for businesses, and you can explore different marketing strategies using the site. Besides, you can also use it to make web personalization better with the excellent sophistication level in your marketing cloud. 

You can get an advertising studio to help you manage ad campaigns and digital advertising. You can also use customer data collected to help you reach out to your customers. It will allow you to connect with your potential clients from social media platforms, making it easier for your products to reach wider audiences.