6 Common Recruitment Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Suppose you are running a human resources department with a flawed employee selection process. In that case, you are not only hurting the reputation of your company but also costing them, on average, $4,000 per new employee hired.

A scenario that could easily be avoided by identifying common recruitment mistakes that need to be re-evaluated.

If you know that your hiring process needs improvement and your human resources department can’t focus on your already successful employees, then keep reading. We are here to help.

Here are six of the most common recruitment mistakes.

Common Recruitment Mistakes #1: Creating a Poor Job Ad

Your job advertisement is often the first line of contact with a potential employee. Therefore, they need to immediately know the most relevant information about your company.

Often, companies will leave out information about the business they perform. Instead, they will only list relevant experience and skills about the job position. As a result, many recruits will become weary of applying to a position. They won’t understand what the company does – their vision – or a plan for the future.

The same goes for a vague job description.

Common Recruitment Mistakes #2: Forgetting About Job Analysis

Job analysis is used to obtain information about the worker and their potential workplace. It helps relay information about how a worker should perform in the workplace and what skills, qualities, and abilities they will need.

It is used to determine their salary, level of education, and ongoing professional development, too. Analysis can be performed through simple observation, interviews, or questionnaires.

Hiring a recruitment agency help you analyze a potential employee can help you avoid costly mistakes.

Common Recruitment Mistakes #3: Not Performing Job Candidate Verification

An important strategy for recruitment for any human resources department is to verify the candidate. This task allows you to investigate a potential employee’s background. Further allowing you to decide on whether they are a good fit – and if they adhere to the current level of security needed within your business.

Along with the documents that the candidate provided through the application process, your company should be able to determine if the candidate is a favorable one or not.

Common Recruitment Mistakes #4: Pre-Selection Of Candidates Without Clear Criteria

Make sure that your hiring criteria are clear and as unbiased as possible when screening potential employees. You may have an unfavorable opinion about a specific employee’s resume. But, if they nail your job search criteria, you don’t want to miss the opportunity.

Avoid focusing on just one aspect of a candidate’s resume and understand how they will fit into your workplace culture.

Common Recruitment Mistakes #5: Extending the Selection Process

Don’t extend the selection process if you can help it. It should be the same for all candidates who show an interest in working with your company. The most interested and most qualified will often meet the deadline well ahead of time.

They will process the information you requested and interview before your deadline – thus allowing you the necessary time to evaluate all potential new employees.

Common Recruitment Mistakes #6: Altering Questions When Interviewing Potential Employees

Don’t make exceptions for altering the process for hiring new employees. It should be the same for all candidates to get a more objective, unbiased, and accurate assessment of the best employee for the job.

If you have no measure for the success of interviewing potential employees, then you might not be measuring their success within your business, either.

Successfully Find Your Next Job Candidate

Reduce your chance of error in hiring your next employee by paying attention to these six common recruitment mistakes. Don’t be afraid to implement further knowledge and skills tests, along with in-depth employment verification, to ensure you are selecting the right candidate.

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