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6 Common Home Decorating Rules That are Ok to be Ignored

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By John Wick

Your house is a haven where you can escape the hustle and bustle of daily life, and a lot of individuals go by a set rule book when it comes to interior design, instead of taking risks to be creative. A house looks the most beautiful and exciting when it reflects your personality and breaks the stereotypes. Let’s take a look at some of the most commonly followed home decoration ideas that are ok not to be followed.

  1. Your entire house should have a common theme: A lot of us live under the assumption that the entire house should be decorated using a specific theme. Just because you have decorated your living room in an indo-western manner, doesn’t mean that your kitchen or the bathroom should follow the same decoration theme. Making a beautiful room seem unplanned is the goal of interior design. You are allowed to pair different colors and themes to come up with a scheme that complements your personal aesthetics. Although they don’t have to match, the home colour should look well together.
  2. Never combine different metals: We know you may have visited some homes where everything from the door knob to the faucet is made out of a matching metallic finish. This trend is passé now, you are allowed to mix and match metals to not make your space look boring! It’s ok if you want to go ahead and mix two different metals just make sure they have more or less similar kinds of finish. For example, brushed nickel seamlessly blends with shiny chrome, or an interior with glossy chrome and shiny brass looks great too.
  3. Color small rooms only in light colors: The whole idea behind recommending the use of light wall colors for a smaller room is to give it an illusion of being spacious. Over a while, this started flouting other design considerations and became kind of a thumb rule for several homeowners. The million-dollar question here remains – is making the room appear spacious the objective? If you hear yourself saying no, then don’t be afraid to explore the warmer hues of Asian paints for your interiors.
  4. Paint your ceiling in neutral color: Most of the time we are so engrossed in trying to create magic on our four walls that we often forget about the fifth wall which is the ceiling! For eons, the most popular color choice for ceilings has remained either white or neutral shades. Now is the time that you break free from this age-old trend, and get a little adventurous with the ceiling color. You can paint the ceiling in a contrasting color to the rest of the four walls in the room to give it an extra oomph, or simply add stripes.
  1. Trims and moldings should be white: This is by far the biggest rule that can be ignored. You can paint the trims and moldings in whatever color you like. For a more edgy look, choose a warmer shade of the wall color of the room. Thanks to emerging technology, you can now virtually try out the paint color combinations to get a hang of how it would look in reality.
  2. Painting over wallpapers – Painting your walls is undeniably simpler than applying wallpaper, but this shouldn’t stop you from eschewing the latter completely. A lot of people associate wallpaper with being old-fashioned, and turgid. On the contrary, several designers now offer fantastic contemporary prints that can add a whole new dimension to your space. You also have available in the market these days easy-to-remove wallpapers, giving you the flexibility to upgrade the look of your interiors almost instantly.

Trusting your gut is the mantra while decorating your house, all that matters is how comfortable and confident you are in your space.