6 Attractions to Visit During Your Time in Singapore

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By Kaleem Ullah

Marina Bay has instantly become a new tourist icon in Singapore. There are many tourist attractions that you can visit at Marina Bay Sands, but so you don’t lose your way, you can find out a vacation guide at Marina Bay Sands, to be more efficient in time and transportation costs, you can choose one of the many hotels in Marina Bay so you can better enjoy several destinations such as:

Gardens by the Bay

In addition to the shopping center that has a river in it, there is a large park in Marina Bay. The park is an artificial garden with an area of ​​more than 100 hectares! As you walk closer to this place, you will be amazed by the towering “trees”! Each of these “trees” even has a height that can match a skyscraper. Before you continue your fascination, you need to know if the tree is not a real tree.

Gardens by the Bay is a park that has such artificial trees. In addition to the artificial tree that towers majestically, you can visit a giant dome-shaped like a clamshell. In this dome, you can see firsthand various kinds of plants from various countries. In addition to the plants that you usually encounter, there are several rare species that are part of the Gardens by the Bay collection.

Art and Science Museum

As the original plan of Marina Bay, which is a tourist spot with complete facilities, you can find many interesting tourist objects here. One of them is the Art Science Museum. The Museum of Arts and Sciences at Marina Bay Sands is a museum that combines elements of art and technology. Who would have thought that the technology we use today can produce high-quality, display-worthy works of art?

Test Your Luck at Marina Bay Sands Casino

If you talk about Marina Bay, then we will immediately refer to tourist attractions in Marina bay Singapore, Marina Bay Sands. For those of you who have never been here, maybe what you have in mind is that this place is just an “ordinary” resort. In fact, this place has almost everything you need while on vacation, from hotels, malls to casinos.

Marina Bay Sands Casino is one of the many tourist magnets in Marina Bay. Every year many tourists try their luck at this casino. In addition to hotels, Marina Bay Sands Casino has been counted as one of the producers of Marina Bay Sands’ coffers. If your lucky star is still full, you can try “putting” some of your money here.

Three Countries Unite

Tourist description Marina Bay Sands Skypark is an astonishing masterpiece. These tourist attractions are three hotels that soar as high as 191 meters. The three are connected by a long pool. The length of the pool was 15 meters, and because of the height, the boundary of the pool seemed to disappear!

When you’re on the lookout at Marina Bay Sands Skypark, you can even see three countries at once! The countries that you can see from this room are Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. Well, not as a whole you can see the two countries besides Singapore, but you can see Johor and Batam from the height of the Sands Skypark. You should not miss this Marina Bay Sands Singapore tour if you are visiting Singapore.

Twin Sister

Tourist attractions in Singapore that are a match for Marina Bay are Sentosa Island or Sentosa Island. Both of these places are the result of reclamation and become the center of entertainment and tourism for Singapore. If Marina Bay is called an integrated tourist spot, then Sentosa Island is an island full of playgrounds.

Merlion Park

The closest tourist spot to Marina Bay Sands that you must visit in Merlion Park. This place is a city park that you can access whenever you want! There is a statue of a lion with a fish body, which seems to welcome tourists visiting Singapore. It is obligatory for those of you who are on vacation to this country, to take pictures with the background of the Merlion statue. Besides being able to visit at any time, Merlion Park will also not charge a penny for visitors.