5 Types of English Language Assessments You Can Take Before Applying for TSS Visas

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By John Wick

The allure of moving base to a country, whether temporarily or permanently, is undoubtedly endless. A whole new world of possibilities, aspirations of a better quality of life, and immense exposure open up for you. However, the path to securing these in the form of a visa is long and can be challenging at times. This is true in the case of a TSS visa too. Ensuring a qualifying score in a suitable English language test is one of the essential criteria you must meet for this. And though it takes a great deal of effort to secure a good score, in the end, it all feels justified.

Listed below are the five types of tests that aspiring candidates must choose from and crack according to their relevance to them:


The International English Language Testing System is one of the most recognised and widely accepted international level language tests for studying and working in most countries, including Australia. In order to qualify for applying for a Temporary Skill Shortage visa, you need to get a minimum score of 5 in each component. Listening, Writing, Reading, and Speaking make up the four components of this highly competitive test. Moreover, it is ideal if you prepare well in advance before you use up your attempts. Solving mock papers, enrolling in a professional coaching program, and using practice materials online can be of great help in cracking this tough nut.


The Occupational English Test is a mandatory prerequisite for medical professionals seeking to work in Australia. It is duly recognized by the Australian Institute of Medical Scientists and expects medical and healthcare aspirants to get a grade no lower than B in each of its components. The individual components for OET are the same as IELTS, and so is the level of difficulty. You can attend several relevant masterclasses for the test to aid you in your preparation.


The Test of English as a Foreign Language is an important test you need to crack for seeking skilled migration opportunities in Australia. It is compulsory to secure an overall score of 35 and a minimum of 4 in every component. This test combines AI and manual evaluation to assess the quality of your answers. Practice, practice and some more practice is the key to nail this test.


The Pearsons Language Test is a fully computerized test to seek admissions in Australian universities and work in private and government sectors. And like the other ones, this test also contains all four parts, and a minimum score of 36 is required in each component to make the cut and go ahead with your TSS visa application.


Cambridge Advanced English test is needed to immigrate to Australia for academic and work purposes. It is known for being an ‘in-depth, high-level’ test and expects you to obtain a score of 154 in each component. Though a relatively new test to join the language proficiency exam, this one is widely accepted by institutions across the country.

The path to securing a visa entails particular challenges and efforts. And English language tests demand both of these by themselves. Relentless patience and continued practice are the ways to go about cracking these tests, which ensure a world of opportunities and exposure.