5 Steps to Become a Construction Accountant

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By Kaleem Ullah


When you consider all the jobs and careers in the world, becoming a construction accountant is probably not at the top of very many people’s list. It may be something that a lot of people happen upon by having a business passed down or something along those lines, or possibly you have done schooling and it has become clear along your path that this is a career that you could potentially enjoy and thrive in. Construction accounting is a financial record keeper of the construction industry. They track the money of a business that is going in and out. They prepare budgets and cost analyses. The track contracts with other companies so business owners don’t have to. Here are 5 steps to become a construction accountant: earn a bachelor’s degree, gain work experience, obtain certifications, develop skills, and stay up to date. 

Earn a Bachelor’s Degree

These days, many people may go to college and not even use their degree. But it seems that it is safer to have the degree than to not have a degree. Either way, it is safe to say that it is a pretty obtainable first step to achieve regardless of your situation or plans for the future. Typically, it is needed that the degree is obtained in accounting or a similar field. It is not always as common, but depending on where a career is sought, they may or may not require a master’s degree. Some research must be done ahead of time to gain a better understanding of what is expected from where you would like to end up. 

Gain Work Experience

It should go without saying that most places of employment are going to require that you have gained some type of work experience in the particular field in order to be of much worth or an asset to their company. It does still happen that some places will hire without a lot of work experience, but it is much more desirable to have someone that has already gained that extra experience. 

Obtain Certifications

Certain qualifications and certifications are likely going to be needed for basically any career. It is no different for a construction accountant company. Though they are not required, these certifications may just help you stand out from the rest that just might help you enough to gain the attention before someone else. When people look at hiring someone for a construction accountant position, they may look for a certain certification called the CCIFP (Certified Construction Industry Financial Professional. 

Develop Skills

It also may be very helpful to gain and develop more skills as much as possible before looking to be hired on to one of the bigger and more sought after companies. The specific skills that are needed are mainly your computer skills, math skills, and bookkeeping. A construction account mainly is going to need to be more familiar with industry software and database programs. 

Stay Up to Date

Continuing education on the topic is likely going to help anyone stay up to date with the current regulations and best practices in the industry.