5 Perks Pregnant Women Get From Maternity Belts

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By Kaleem Ullah


Pregnancy is one of the most exciting seasons in most women’s lives. But as much as you want to look forward to the arrival of your new bundle of joy, being pregnant may also bring lots of aches and pains women have never experienced before. 

Pregnant women are now investing in maternity support wear to alleviate pain and discomfort in the rapidly expanding part of their bodies. In addition, wearing a maternity belt will make it easier for you to carry your growing belly easily. 

So if you want to decrease your pregnancy pains, you will enjoy these perks while wearing maternity support belts. 

1. Help Reduce the Pain

Expectant women usually experience joint and back pains throughout the 40 weeks of pregnancy. It makes the usual activities challenging to perform. 

According to an extensive study published in Spine Journal, 71% of pregnant women complain of low back pain while 65% deal with pelvic girdle pain. By wearing a maternity belt throughout the pregnancy, the garment can reduce the pain and discomfort due to the ample support provided by the belt. 

2. Offers Gentle Compression While Doing Activities 

Your growing baby bump needs minimal compression to help the body support the uterus. It can also lessen the discomfort you may feel when moving or doing various physical activities. 

However, always keep in mind that too much compression applied to the abdomen can affect blood circulation. As a result, it may have negative effects on your blood pressure. It may also increase your risk of indigestion and heartburn. 

3. Provides External Hints for Proper Posture

The additional weight and size can affect a pregnant woman’s posture. It may cause them to slump to support their heavy belly. But by using a maternity belt, the torso and lower back can get the much-needed support and encourage correct posture. 

Maternity support belts can also help avoid the expectant mother’s overextension of the lower back. As a result, the possibility of having a “swayback” appearance can help strengthen the important core muscles supporting the spine. 

Bonus Benefit: Offers After-Pregnancy Support 

Women also experience decreased core strength after giving birth. Since your ligaments and muscles tend to get strained and stretched during pregnancy, you may need some time to heal after delivering your baby. 

Your maternity band can provide extra support to the abdomen and lower back that helps carry the baby in the womb. In addition, it will help you prevent diastasis recti or the separation of abdominal muscles by bringing the muscles in the abdomen together, especially when matched with core exercises. 

To ensure that you will get the most out of your maternity support belts, you must find the right garment intended to do the job. But before you shop for your maternity bands, you must consult with your doctor to talk about your symptoms and ensure that nothing is amiss during your pregnancy. 

You must also remember to limit the use of the band to prevent restricting the airflow to your skin and restrict the blood flow. Once you find the right maternity band to wear during your pregnancy, you must try to wear it at least three to four hours a day to get the most support and comfort you deserve. It is also best to look for a durable yet cost-effective product to ensure that you can wear it throughout your pregnancy and beyond to make your child-bearing journey more memorable. 

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