5 Must Visit places of Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a Caribbean Nation. It is a very magnificent country and attracts nearly 5 million tourists to this place every year on an average. This is also the most visited country among the Caribbean Nations. The Dominic Republic in the Caribbean Nations has world-class resorts, spectacular golf clubs, white sand beaches, crystal-clear waters and also countless water sports.

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This place provides the tourists with a very memorable vacation in the Caribbean. There are a variety of different types of tourist spots which includes historic places and romantic places in the Dominic Republic.

This makes it a perfect tourist destination for both history buffs and couples as well. The beautiful resorts, cocktails and sun worship also makes this place a very exotic one for tourists and adventure seekers. You surely don’t want to miss out on this one. Read along to find the list of the top 5 Must Visit places of Dominican Republic

1. Punta Cana

The easternmost province in the Dominic Republic is called the Dominican Republic. This place is most famous amongst the tourists here. The reason for the popularity of this place is because of the white sand beach which stretches for a total of 32 kilometres.

The beach is also accompanied by clear waters and faces both the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. There are also many activities which can keep the tourists busy and interested. It includes catamaran sailing, speedboats racing, swimming with the dolphins, fishing in the deep sea, snorkelling cruises, et cetera.

2. Puerto Plata

This place in the Dominican Republic is famous among the tourists because of its sandy beaches. Another factor which makes this a great place is the fact is also an amazing place to meet the locals and interact with them.

This is a port city but it also provides the tourists with a historic, traditional as well as cultural taste of the Dominican Republic. In addition, it combines it with the colonial, modern and Victorian buildings seen here. Two of the famous tourist spots are the Mount Isabel de Torres and the famous Fort San Felipe. This is one of the best beaches in the Dominican Republic.

3. Playa Dorada

Only 3.1 miles towards the east of Puerto Plata is another famous place in the Dominican Republic called Playa Dorada. This place has approximately 12 resorts which are all-inclusive and thus attracts the maximum number of tourists who are all-inclusive to the northern coast of the Dominican Republic.

If you want a clean and perfect beach, this beach is the best for you. This is a place where everything you need is taken care off and you can just relax and get a break from everything.

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4. Jarabacoa

Jarabacoa is located right in the heart of the Dominican Republic and it is famous because of the growing scene of eco-tourism. In the centre of the Cordillera Central Mountains, it shows a very clear image of this area and it is known as the Dominican Alps as well. The spectacular waterfalls here is another major factor that attracts so many tourists. Some activities for the people to perform here include rafting in the Yaque Del Norte River, mountain climbing, hiking, et cetera.

5. Eastern National Park

The Eastern National Park is one of the major tourist destinations in the Dominican Republic. The place has magnificent crystal blue waters and white beaches. It has been a natural reserve since the year 1975. The Saona Islands is the most popular area here. The ocean here gleams beautifully in the sunlight and is an amazing location to just relax. The tourists can enjoy the Dominican hospitality and also visit the turtle sanctuary along with enjoying the art and craft here.

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