5 Major Website Development Mistakes To Avoid By Design Experts

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A good, responsive web design captures the attention of the users and makes them loyal customers. Similarly, a poor website design can cause your business to lose customers, and it directly impacts your revenue or ROI. At the same time, it can damage the reputation of the business, and you will notice a drastic fall in your business.

It is a fact that a website is the front door of every business, and a well-designed website can contribute to making your business a successful one.

On the other hand, making mistakes on your website can have long-lasting impacts on the health of your business. In this article, we will highlight major mistakes that web design professionals should avoid at any cost.

5 Major Website Development Mistakes To Avoid By Design Experts

A well-designed website has the potential to perform better in the competitive marketplace. However, a small mistake by the web development team or the design experts can become a serious issue in the long run.

Therefore, let’s not make you wait any further; here are the five major website development mistakes to avoid by design experts.

1. Tiny Texts

Some web designers forget about the importance of their fonts altogether and thus go whatever the default is. I have seen tiny texts on many websites and felt that next time I must use a magnifying glass to read those texts. Funny, isn’t it?

However, this isn’t funny at all! This can affect your user experience in a very negative way. So, try to use convenient fonts that your users actually like, and this way, you can turn them into your loyal customers.

2. Light Grey Texts On White Backgrounds

Another major mistake to avoid is the light grey texts on white backgrounds. Whenever I come across this, I become mad for no reason.

This is a serious issue; why would someone do this? No, no, no. You must avoid these types of major mistakes at any cost. The best combination, according to experts, is white and black colors. Keep the background of your website white and the text color black.

3. Autoplaying Videos With Sound

Autoplaying videos with sound are like welcoming guests without an invitation. This seems to be very irritating! Isn’t it? The unexpected video sound after opening a website can force customers to bounce back to other sites in no time.

This is a major mistake by design experts, and they must not repeat the same at all. Otherwise, your website can experience a large number of bounce rates constantly.

4. Pop-Ups

Don’t get this wrong; pop-ups are okay unless it displays more than expected and this delivers a bad user experience. Keep in mind that users visit your site for the information and get some knowledge, not sign up for your newsletter.

I have seen in the majority of websites; pop-ups arrive as soon as users enter their website. Pop-ups are not the exciting rewards that you are giving to your users, so better avoid this.

5. Not Prioritizing The Website Navigation

Not prioritizing the website navigation is one of the major mistakes that web design experts need to avoid. The navigation of the website directly impacts the user experience, and this is why it is important to consider your website.

Another mistake committed by most of the designers in creating poorly configured navigation menus and layouts. Thus, this can impact your business in a very negative way.

The Final Thoughts 

A website design can be the first as well as the last impression by the users. To create a responsive web design, you can take the help of the best web development company that will help you to meet your customer’s needs and requirements. Thus, this will also improve your SEO rankings on the search engine result page and measure the differences before and after having a responsive web design.