5 Best Online PDF to Word Converters on the Internet

Have you ever tried retyping every detail of one file just to meet the required file format? Fret no more! You don’t have to do any of those anymore, as we will give you the easiest and fastest ways of converting your files into your desired file format. We know that there are times when you are required to pass a certain file, but it is not the right format. So, what is the best answer to this problem?

Using a reliable PDF to Word converter, you can change any of your PDf files into Microsoft Word documents without any difficulty while keeping the original file. What we have here for you are some of the best PDF to Word converter tools that you should try. These tools are all browser-based, which means you only need your browser to convert your files.


If you want a dependable PDF to Word converter online, you just have to search for PDFBear. It is one of the easiest and quickest ways to convert your PDF files to MS Word documents. But wait, there’s more! PDFBear is not only your PDF to Word converter. It also offers other file formats such as PNG/JPG, Excel, HTML, PPT.

PDFBear is not your regular PDF converter tool. It also has a bunch of other tools and functionalities such as compressing, merging, splitting, lock and unlocking, repairing PDF, and a lot of other handy tools. Everything you need, you can find it all on PDFBear’s website, and it will give you high-quality conversions in just less than two minutes.

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You don’t have to worry whether PDFBear is safe. They have installed a 256-BIT SSL encryption technology that would encrypt all the files you have uploaded to prevent unwanted hackers from accessing sensitive information. One of the top priorities of PDFBear is to ensure that your files and documents are safe and secure in their system.


GoGoPDF is a free PDF converter tool that you can readily access anytime and anywhere you want. All you need is a working web browser and a steady connection from the internet. You don’t need to download or install any app or software anymore while using GoGoPDF’s services.

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GoGoPDF prides itself on its PDF to Word converter that has a high level of compatibility. This means that it does not matter what type of device you are using, whether it is an Android smartphone, iPhone, tablet, PC, or even laptop. GoGoPDF guarantees all of its users that you will never encounter any compatibility issue.

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GoGoPDF also does not keep any personal information such as credit card numbers, security codes, or any of your files. It will remove all the files right away after an hour of uploading it. Just knowing these facts, you can already guarantee that GoGoPDF is 100% safe to use, and you can truly trust it.

Wondershare PDFElement

With Wondershare PDFElement’s PDF to Word converter, you can readily and easily edit, sign, convert, and even create your PDF documents. It is compatible and works well on Mac and Windows. Wondershare PDFElement also has a feature-rich word processor that works similar to Microsoft Word, giving you full control over your images, texts, and documents.

One amazing feature of Wondershare PDFElement is that you can secure certain parts of your files. Only people who have the correct password or permission can readily access the content. Wondershare PDFElement also has a fully-functional app that you can download and install on your Android or iOS smartphones.


UniPDF is a free PDf to Word converter, mainly designed to be used on Windows operating systems and saves you from any problems about long download times or uploads that people normally experience with other online tools. Since UniPDF works directly from your terminal, you do not have to work with any third-party apps or programs anymore. The accuracy and quickness of UniPDF’s conversion are very desirable.


Upon entering SmallPDF’s website, you will immediately notice colorful boxes. These colorful boxes are your converter tools, and when you click on it, it will redirect you to a new page. You will see how easy and quick you can navigate through SmallPDF’s simplified website.

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Just like other PDF converter tools we have listed, SmallPDF also has other functionalities like password-protecting, splitting, merging, compressing, and many more. Ironically, they named themselves small, but they are nothing but small, right?


The easiest way for you to know what these PDf converter tools offer is by visiting their website and find out what features they have to offer. A quick Google search will also yield you a lot of other PDF converter tools, but what we have here are five of the easiest, simplest, and fastest ways of converting your PDF files to Word documents without encountering any compatibility issues or hiccups.

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