5 Benefits Of Alkaline Water You Might Have Never Heard Before

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One of the water which is increasingly becoming popular because it is believed to have many benefits for the body is alkaline water. Alkaline water is popular because it contains a higher pH level than plain water, and this higher pH level is what makes alkaline water claimed to be better for health. If ordinary water generally contains a neutral pH of 7, alkaline water contains a pH level of around 8 or 9. 

What are the benefits of alkaline water?

There are many benefits that you can get from consuming alkaline water regularly instead of plain water. From maintaining health to beauty, alkaline water has it all for you!

Maintains blood flow

This is one of the proven and ultimate benefits of consuming alkaline water regularly. Blood viscosity levels in people who drink alkaline water tend to decrease by 6.3% compared to people who drink regular water. That means people who drink alkaline water have more watery blood, while people who drink plain water have thicker blood.

Thick blood means it doesn’t contain enough water. The thicker a person’s blood is, the slower the flow of blood moves. On the other hand, blood with sufficient water will be easier to flow and circulate throughout the body. This bad condition if not taken care of properly can cause serious health problems. Health complications such as pulmonary embolism, thrombophlebitis, heart attack, and stroke might happen.

To ensure that your blood flow can be maintained, drinking water with a higher alkaline level can help improve your blood flow.

Maintains body hydration

Maintaining the amount of fluid in the body is very important for our body. Ensuring our body is not dehydrated can be done by trying to maintain the pH level in the body. If you are able to maintain the pH balance in your body, your organ functions will remain normal and you will not be dehydrated. Furthermore, you are more protected from the risk of diseases that arise due to organ dysfunction.

Drinking alkaline water regularly instead of plain water can help you to maintain the pH balance in your body. This will help your body to stay hydrated, and conditions such as frequent headaches, nausea, or vomiting due to dehydration won’t bother you anymore! 

Better body absorption

Good absorption will ensure the body gets adequate nutrition, both in the form of vitamins and minerals. Meanwhile, absorption is affected by the presence of oxygen. 

Alkaline water is rich in oxygen. Its oxygen amount is even 2 times more than other plain water. Thus why people who drink alkaline water instead of plain water will have better body absorption. Better body absorption will help you maintain your brain and all organs’ health. Without good absorption, it will be so easy for our body to get infected with viruses, and prone to disease.

Prevents disease

As has been mentioned before, alkaline water promotes better body absorption which in turn helps body immunity stronger. 

In addition to its high pH level, ​​alkaline water also has a function as an antioxidant that can counteract free radicals, thus will, even more, prevent the disease from encountering our body.

Promotes skin hydration

Maintaining skin moisturization is indeed very important if you want to look young and fresh, no matter how old you are. To ensure that you can achieve all of this, what you can do is regularly drink alkaline water. Again, this is due to the fact that alkaline water is rich in oxygen. Alkaline water will be much more efficient if you want to maintain your skin condition, rather than regular plain water. Consuming alkaline water every day can help you properly hydrate your skin.

Where can we obtain alkaline water?

Alkaline water was originally obtained naturally. However, now there are several custom label water bottle manufacturers that provide artificial alkaline water. 

Alkaline water which is obtained naturally, is acquired directly from streams that flow through rocks. While it is flowing in the rocks area, the water naturally absorbs the minerals around, thereby increasing the pH or acid level of the substance). While artificial alkaline water is water that is modified with a machine or ionizer that has the function to increase the pH level of plain water. 

Though it is artificial, it does not mean it doesn’t have the same benefit. Because the water has been tested and customized by a professional so it can have the same amount of acidic level and thus will be resulting in the same benefit as natural alkaline water.