5 Auto Rickshaw Travel Tips Every Woman Should Know

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By Kaleem Ullah

Have you ever signalled for an auto rickshaw to stop and then refused to sit on it? Because you thought the rickshaw driver looked kind of unsafe or your gut feeling wasn’t allowing you to get in. Ikr! The dread is real.


A safer option is to book auto rickshaw from apps which have verified drivers and even save some money using coupons from Rapido. Sometimes though we need to hail one on the road.


Hence, to make you feel a little more secure, here are the five tips and tricks that you and every other woman should know.

1. Capture the Details

Don’t be a lazy slob; before getting into an auto rickshaw, especially at night, note down its registration number. Then immediately share it with your family or friends.  

#Tip1: Never act as if you are ill-informed because then they might try to grab extra money from you.

2. Calling Trick

I know you’re aware of it! And might have used this trick several times. So, the trick is when traveling alone in an auto rickshaw, if you find something fishy or just for prevention sake, call a friend or someone and act like you are about to meet them and tell them the details of the auto rickshaw and the registration number in the language the driver understands.

Pretend someone is on the call listening to you even if no one picks up your call at that moment. The driver is now aware that someone has his details and that there could be serious repercussions if anything goes wrong.


#Tip2: Never mention your vulnerabilities, like I am gonna be alone at home, I am drunk, I have this much cash with me. These might invite danger.

3. No Shortcuts Please!

Always be cautious of the route you have to travel, and if you are unaware of the route make sure to find your destination on maps before you leave. DO NOT ALLOW THE DRIVERS TO TAKE ANY UNKNOWN DIRECTION. It’s better to be a little late than to take an unknown path leading to an unwanted situation.


#Tip3: If you feel you’re being stalked. Go to an ATM center, they always have CCTV. Fearing identification, no one will dare attack you.

4. Anxiety Can Lead to Increased Risk

What if the driver turns into an unknown direction, and you feel you are entering a danger zone? What if, despite your repeated efforts, he refuses to stop? Keep an open mind. I know these situations might get you anxious, but all you need to save yourself is a cool head. Being worried could sabotage your best chances.

5. Time For Action

For self-defense, it’s better to carry stuff including pepper spray, or perfume bottles that can squirt in the eyes, etc. You can try calling helplines and speed dials too.

Choose shared auto rickshaws.  It will save you money while also keeping you safe.

Now that you’ve learned some amazing tricks. Please share it with your female buddies. Let’s make each other aware. Stay safe!