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4 Google Search Tricks To Find The Best Interior Designer Near You

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By Kaleem Ullah

Searching for the best interior designer near you?

We all know that Google is by far the best searching resource out there, for searching and finding any kind of service or product.

So, obviously you have Googled for interior design services near you, but still you are facing problems…which is why you have come to read this article.

Google search tricks to make searching for interior design services easier

The thing is, with so much information and content about interior design and interior designers online it becomes difficult to choose which one exactly works the best for you.

In many cases people end up becoming frustrated and just choose whichever design service they’re looking at, which may or may not be the best fit for them.

This is where this article becomes useful.

We will reveal some Google search tricks to optimise your room designer search results and help you make a good choice.

Look in the “Maps” results

Suppose you are looking for interior designers whose offices are near your location. So you have Googled “interior designer near me”.

You will note there are various kinds of search results.

One of those will be “Maps”.

Click on “Maps” and you will be taken to an actual online map with the locations of the various design services near you marked.

Now you can make out which of those is convenient to reach.

Searching for files

Maybe you want to search for designers’ creatives like mood boards and portfolios before you make a selection?

And it may be better to get these in downloadable form (like a pdf).

This you can do by searching for results that include a file type.

For example, if you want pdf’s that you can download, add “filetype:pdf” along with your search term and you will get only those results that contain a pdf file you can download.

Excluding or including certain terms

Say you are searching for an interior designer in Dhaka. However, you want to avoid designers from a certain location as you know that is a business district and most of the designers there will be focused on commercial design whereas you’re looking for residential interior design.

You can do that by adding that particular term and putting a minus (-) sign before it. This will exclude those results that contain that term.

You can also get search results containing a particular term by adding a plus (+) sign before it.

Go for advanced search

Just like there is “Maps” option in the search results you will find another option called “Advanced”. 

This will give you access to a much broader search, including searches for specific words and phrases.

Google search tips and tricks to locate the best home designer for you: final thoughts

As you can see, there are many ways you can adapt the basic Google search to give you narrower search results that match better with your search intent.

And that is how you can streamline your search for the best interior designer near you.