4 Best-Proven Methods to Convert Word File to PDF

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By John Wick

Yes, converting Microsoft Word to Adobe PDF can be a great assistance if your need involves sharing the documents with other people either offline or online. Thus, an online Word to PDF converter is the best tool to convert word to pdf within an instant. The documents that are in PDF format will be able to access regardless of the word processor that they’re using. The great thing about PDF is that it prevents formatting errors that are mainly common in other document formats. Pdfescape is indicted as the most official document including resumes and important letters. Well, here you come to know how easily you can convert Word to PDF without distorting the formatting. But before that let’s explore why such conversions are taken into account!

Why Convert Word to PDF?

There are countless reasons why you people require turning Word documents into PDF files. The most obvious reason is incompatibilities between different versions of Microsoft Word that can entirely mess up your careful formatting. Even also not everyone consists of an MS Word program, but almost everyone can be able to view a PDF document file. Thus, for your ease, the source of did its best by providing the best Word to PDF converter for free that lets you convert Word to PDF without changing the formatting.

How to Convert Word to PDF on Mac Preview?

  • First of all, you need to make a right-click on the MS Word document and then choose “Open With” > “Preview”
  • Make a tap on the “File” tab that is provided on the top menu bar, then simply choose the “Export as PDF”
  • Now, one the new window just enters a new PDF name, and simply changes the file extension name from .doc from .pdf. Once you have done, hit the save button to save word as pdf No doubt that these are time taking processes, for an instant word document to PDF conversions, an online word to pdf converter is a perfect choice.

How to Convert Word Document to PDF on Windows?

You can find that MS office 2007 and later programs will be able to save Office documents as PDF files. Moreover, thanks to online Word to PDF converter programs that convert both docs as well as docx versions of office to PDF within no time.

  • First of all, you have to open the MS Word document with MS Word 2007 and above
  • On the given office menu, you ought to choose the “Save As”> “PDF or XPS”
  • Now, it’s time to enter a name for your PDF file and simply choose a location to save it. Very next, make a click on the “Publish” button


For Microsoft Office 2010:

  • You can be able to choose the “Save As” option, then just choose the “PDF” as the saving format on the newly opened window

For Microsoft Office 2013:

  • There you can find another option. Simply move to the “File” > “Export” > “Create PDF/XPS Document”, then all you need to select the “PDF (.pdf)” as the output format

If these steps are daunting, then simply get an online Word to PDF converter and let it convert Word document to PDF file regardless of MS word versions.

How to Convert Word to PDF with IceCream PDF Converter?

  1. At first, you have to download and install the Icecream PDF converter to any Windows-specific device
  2. Then, you ought to run the software and simply select the “To PDF” option
  3. Very next., choose the “Add File” option that is placed on the central interface to quickly add the MS Word files from your computer
  4. Finally, you just ought to make settings for a particular file like name, saving folder as well as layout settings, etc. Once done, just hit the “Convert” button

How to Convert Word to PDF online?

It is the easiest way to turn single or multiple Word document files into PDF format. Thanks to the best source of that plays a crucial role in converting MS Word document to PDF with the help of an online Word to PDF converter. There’s no manual intervention required to save Word as PDF format, let’s take a look at how it turns Word into PDF:

  • Navigate to the source of “” and fetch Word to PDF converter from the search bar. Once done, upload single or multiple Word document files into the toolbox
  • Press convert button
  • Press the Download button if you converted a single file or download zip if you have done batch conversions

Let’s Wind Up:

PDF (Portable Document Format) is indicated as an industry-standard format as it remains the same no matter on what device is used to view it. It is a professional choice format due to its great layout!