3 Ways to Enhance Your Infrared Sauna Session

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By Kaleem Ullah

What is an infrared sauna? Is it different from a traditional steam sauna?

If you are a wellness lover like us, there’s a high chance you’ve wondered what the hype about infrared sauna over a steam sauna is all about. Both are good, and you’ll feel more relaxed and rested when you are done with your session. 

The heat from the sauna helps with sore muscle relief and skin rejuvenation.

If you can’t handle the heat from the steam sauna, the infrared sauna is your best choice. Unlike a steam sauna, an infrared sauna does not heat the air around you. Instead, they use infrared lamps to warm your body directly.

Many facilities like the Sculpt Spa have a state-of-the-art infrared red sauna to ensure wellness lovers have the best experience. The heat is very gentle, and that’s why it is becoming the best alternative to the traditional steam sauna.

The Benefits

As mentioned earlier, the aim of an infrared sauna in Sydney is similar to a steam sauna and helps with sore muscle relief and skin rejuvenation. 

You’ll be relaxed and sleep better because a single session can improve sleep duration by 45 minutes. An infrared sauna also contributes to weight loss by detoxifying the body and improving blood circulation. 

Generally, saunas are recommended for chronic fatigue syndrome and joint pain such as arthritis.

Enhance Your Infrared Sauna Sessions

If you want the best experience out of your infrared sauna, there are some things that you should know. For instance, you should not sign up for a session if you have been drinking alcohol, if you have a fever, or generally feeling ill because you’ll end up sweating a lot. That’s not a good experience.

There are many recommended things that you can do to enhance your sauna session. Here are our top three picks:


It’s advised that you stretch before your sauna session and not during the sessions. During the Infrared sauna session, your muscles are warmed up, and if you attempt to stretch, you will likely put extra wear and tear on them. 

Therefore, it is essential to stretch before the session to avoid overextending them when warm.


While it is not recommended to stretch during a sauna, you can meditate during a session. Get used to the heat and let your body relax and clear your mind. During your sauna session, you are free from distraction. 

Meditation is always better when you’re comfortable and not distracted by the outside world.

Wear Lightweight Clothing

Layers of clothing will diminish the efficiency of the sauna session by making you uncomfortable and probably sweaty. As the infrared heat penetrates your skin, the heat buildup may lead to sweating as heat is trapped on your layer of clothes.

Therefore, it’s recommended to wear light clothing. Ensure your light clothes are also loose and easy to remove. Tight-fitting clothes are not suitable since your muscles expand with the heat. 

Wrap Up

Infrared sessions are becoming the preferred choice for those who do not like the heat of a steam sauna.