3 Easy Ways to Get a Medical Marijuana Card Online

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By Kaleem Ullah

Access to Medical Marijuana for treatment is not as easy as it should be. Many people think that getting a medical marijuana card requires having cancer or another serious condition, but this is not the case. The laws surrounding legal access to marijuana are constantly changing. Thirty-nine states allow residents with certain conditions to purchase, possess, and consume marijuana legally.

You no longer have to roll the dice with shady weed doctors or unreliable phone apps. It’s time to stop fumbling and get the best advice from DigiDrs. We’ll walk you through how to get your medical marijuana recommendation online – it only takes three easy steps. Take a look.

Contact a Licensed Medical Marijuana Doctor

According to an American study, 71% of physicians provide cannabis in an oral form, while 86%  provide it as a topical treatment. To find one near you, search by zip code or state name on the NORML website or check out the list of approved physicians from 

Once you have found your doctor, contact them directly to schedule an appointment for a consultation and then fill out their required forms ahead of time so everything can go smoothly on the day of your scheduled visit. When it comes time for your appointment, remember that this process will likely take longer than visiting any other physician.

 Different factors must be considered before issuing recommendations for medical marijuana use (elements such as dosage amount/frequency). Once approved by your doctor’s office staff members, they’ll send all necessary paperwork to state officials, who will mail back an official MMJ card within weeks.

Schedule an Appointment With Your Physician Online

If you want to get a medical marijuana card online, you have to schedule an appointment with your physician. You can do this by going to [website name] and filling out their form. You will answer questions about your health history and any other medications. You will also provide some basic contact information so they can reach out to you if they have any questions about your application process or request more information from them.

Once your application has been submitted and approved, you should receive your medical marijuana card in the mail within weeks  (depending on where you live). Once you have received your card in the mail, you must keep it in a safe place since it is required by law when purchasing any marijuana products from a dispensary or other legal source.

Use an App

This method has some benefits over others because you don’t have to fill out any paperwork or wait for anything to be mailed back and forth between you and the state. It can also save time by letting you skip the doctor’s office altogether, especially if you already have a valid prescription.

Apps like Weedmaps allow users to browse dispensaries in their area, complete with information about what kinds of products they have available, their pricing, and more. You can also find reviews from other users who’ve tried out the dispensary’s offerings before making a purchase decision.

How Do You Renew a Medical Marijuana Card?

If you are a medical marijuana patient in California, you must renew your medical marijuana card every year. The state requires that you do this by submitting the following documents:

  • A completed renewal application form
  • A copy of your valid California driver’s license or identification card
  • A copy of your current photo identification card showing your photo, name, and date of birth (e.g., passport, military ID card)
  • Proof of residence with a copy of your utility bill or lease agreement dated within 30 days before the renewal application

An attested statement from your physician stating that: 

  • You have been diagnosed with a severe medical condition
  • You could benefit from using marijuana as a treatment for that serious medical condition, and You are under their care for that serious medical condition.

After filling out this form with all of the required information and paying whatever fee might be associated with getting a new card (usually around $75), mail it back and proof of payment.

A prescription is required because medical marijuana is a legal, regulated substance. The use of medical cannabis is becoming more accepted across the United States. States like Arizona, Pennsylvania, and New York have made changes that make it legal to get your medical marijuana card. On top of this, hundreds of doctors registered to prescribe medical marijuana out of state or country. It would help if you went through a medical evaluation before being issued a Medical Marijuana Card by WeedMaps or a dispensary near you.