2024’s Leading Keywords in the App Store

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By John Wick

Dive into the most sought-after keywords on the App Store in 2024. Are they associated with specific brands, or do they follow new or longstanding trends? Our latest piece unveils these insights.

We’ll explore the top search terms in 2024, juxtaposing them with past data to track their evolution. Our analysis spans the USA, the UK, Germany, and France, chosen for their diverse user bases spread over two continents.

Our findings reveal a striking consistency in keyword preferences across these varied locales, underscoring the universal nature of user needs. Discover more in the sections below.

Deep Dive into Keyword Trends

We begin by examining the predominant keywords from recent years, presented in user-friendly tables sorted by year and popularity metrics. Utilizing the Top Keywords feature from tools of ASOMobile; we efficiently compiled this data in under 30 minutes.

Whether it’s social media platforms like Instagram, communication apps like WhatsApp, or entertainment services like YouTube, global preferences show remarkable similarity. The 2024 data reaffirms this trend, with longstanding favorites continuing to dominate alongside emerging players in artificial intelligence and new apps making their mark.

Highlighting 2024’s Keyword Evolutions

In 2024, several interesting trends have emerged:

  • The introduction of Threads for Insta in Germany, blending Instagram’s visual appeal with Twitter-like features.
  • An uptick in Telegram usage is signaling its rising prominence in digital communication.
  • The gaming world welcomes new favorites like Brawl Stars in Germany and Widgetable in France, reminiscent of the nostalgic Tamagotchi.
  • France sees the rise of Vinted, a marketplace for exchanging pre-owned items.

Branded vs. Non-Branded Keywords: Clarifying the Concepts

Branded keywords refer to searches that include specific brand names or products, such as Instagram or Spotify. Non-branded keywords are broader, like “fitness apps” or “online shopping.”

While branded searches are more prevalent, non-branded queries hold significant value, especially for emerging apps, emphasizing the importance of brand building and strategic search optimization.

Optimizing for App Store Discovery

Enhancing your app’s visibility in the App Store involves focusing on its icon, title, and subtitle, ensuring they clearly convey the app’s function and brand identity, enriched with pertinent keywords.

Concluding Thoughts: Adapting to a Fast-Paced World

In today’s swift-moving environment, efficiency and speed are paramount. While specific interests like social connections, entertainment, and communication remain constant, understanding and leveraging these stable trends through effective ASO practices is crucial to your app’s visibility and success.